The Australian Shepherd, also known as the Aussie, can flaunt an array of colors that span across all spectrums. Ranging from the icy shimmer of blue merle, the fiery hues of red and sable, the darkness of black, and black and tan, to the enchanting shades of blue and chocolate, this breed has them all. And not to be left behind are the classic shades of tan, yellow, and white. So, buckle up for a colorful journey into the vibrant world of Australian Shepherd coat colors.

“The Australian Shepherd, aptly ‘painted’ in myriad hues, is a brilliant manifestation of nature’s palette.”

And it’s not just about the aesthetics. The color of an Australian Shepherd’s coat may provide glimpses into their lineage, genetics, and even health traits. So, let’s dive deep and unravel the secrets behind each captivating color of our beloved Aussies.

  • Origin: Despite their name, Australian Shepherds actually originated in the United States. They were first developed during the Gold Rush in the 1840s as a herding dog for farm animals.
  • Breed Group: Australian Shepherds are a part of the Herding Group as per the classification of the American Kennel Club.
  • Lifespan: With proper care and good genes, these hardy herders can live anywhere between 12 to 15 years.
  • Weight: Quite a muscular breed, Australian Shepherds typically weigh between 40 to 65 pounds (18-29 kilograms).
  • Temperament: Highly intelligent, energetic, and sociable, Australian Shepherds form strong bonds with their families. They strive when they have jobs to do, whether it’s herding, obedience training, or participating in dog sports.
  • Price: The average cost of an Australian Shepherd puppy can vary from around $600 to $1000, depending on the pedigree and the breeder. However, price can shoot up for dogs from champion bloodlines.
  • Main Physical Features: Besides the variety in coat colors, Australian Shepherds have medium-sized, sturdy bodies with deep chests. Their eyes can be brown, blue, amber, or any combination thereof – and sometimes, each of their eyes can be a different color! Known for their bobbed or docked tails, shepherds carry a thick double coat that sheds seasonally.
  • Common Colors: Australian Shepherds often come with a splendid array of coat colors – blue merle, black, red merle, and solid red, often with white markings or tan points. A more rare color would be a solid black shepherd.

1. Blue Merle australian shepherd

Blue Merle australian shepherd
Credit: aussiesglobe, Instagram

Led with flecks of brilliant silver and white, then you’ve laid your eyes on a Blue Merle. As awe-inspiring as the night sky, their coat is a medley of dark blue shades mingled with patches of black, giving them their rather celestial appearance. It’s a genetic gift, this unique coloring, and one of the aspects that makes this particular breed so distinct.

However, it’s not just about looks with the Blue Merle. As striking as they are, these dogs also come packed with energy and an abundance of love to their human companions. They are noted for their unwavering loyalty, intelligence, and versatility, traits that make them exceptional working dogs and family pets. As with all Australian Shepherds, no two Blue Merles are the same, making each one a distinctive member of this stunning breed. 

An important thing to note is that Australian Shepherds, regardless of coat color, require plenty of mental and physical exercise. The same applies for the Blue Merle. Keeping them active and engaged helps them stay healthy and happy. So, if you are thinking of adopting a Blue Merle, prepare to embrace their need for movement and their undying loyalty. They are sure to bring a unique vibrancy into your life.

2. Red Merle australian shepherd

Red Merle australian shepherd
Credit: nordwindaussie, Instagram

Spice up your knowledge with an introduction to one of the most stunning Australian Shepherd colors, the red merle. It’s like looking at a masterpiece painted by nature itself. The red merle Australian Shepherd is a unique blend of colors, giving their fur a look that can only be described as captivatingly beautiful.

These reddish hues, mixed with different shades and patterns, create a strikingly beautiful dog that stands out in a crowd. From rust to lighter creams, the ‘red’ in these beautiful canines can cover a broad spectrum of colors. And the ‘merle’ refers to the mesmerizing mosaic patterns spread across their coats, an effect caused by a specific gene that alters base coat colors. 

This breed’s coat color is as dynamic and lively as the dogs themselves, mirroring their active, playful, and energetic personalities. Despite their distinctive coloration, red merle Australian Shepherds share the same love for work, play, and companionship that is characteristic of their breed. Each one is a masterpiece, not just in color, but in nature too. 

So, next time you spot a red merle Australian Shepherd, take a moment to admire the gorgeous color play on their coats. Each one is an incredible mix of shades, a testament to the wonders of canine genetics.

3. Black australian shepherd

Black australian shepherd
Credit: koboslobos, Instagram

Let’s venture into the realm of one of the most commanding and dramatic hues in the Australian Shepherd spectrum, the Black color. While various breeds may sport this classic shade, there’s something particularly stunning and mesmerizing about a Black Australian Shepherd. Its deep and dark coat flawlessly contrast the expressive, vibrant colors of its eyes, making them a sight to behold. 

Strikingly beautiful, the Black Australian Shepherd bears a solid, uniform color throughout its body, ranging from coal-black to slightly lighter shades nearing dark brown. This elegant yet robust breed often exhibits captivating flecks and marbling, especially around the eyes and legs. Their beauty, however, extends far beyond their aesthetically pleasing coat color. With a bold, confident demeanor and an unmatched devotion to their human companions, they are as lovely in nature as they are in looks. 

Notably, Black Australian Shepherds can also exhibit an array of markings that further enhance their splendor. These accents can range from bold splashes of white on the nose, collar, and chest to even subtler tan “points” or “accents” that decorate the legs and face. Regardless of the combinations or variations, each Black Australian Shepherd is unique and spectacular in their way, leaving us charmed and fascinated by the depth and beauty of this delightful breed.

4. Red australian shepherd

Red australian shepherd
Credit: teva_the_australian_shepherd, Instagram

 in the captivating charm of a red Australian Shepherd. Brimming with a unique magnetism, this color variation is truly a feast for the eyes. It’s an allure that’s easy to appreciate, allowing the breed an edge of distinction in their class. The coat paints a beautiful picture resembling a well-burnished amber, tinted with a striking hue of rusty red – akin to the breathtaking views of an autumn landscape.

Coat colors in Australian Shepherds can vary greatly, but what’s particularly intriguing about the red variation is its spectrum. You might come across lighter shades that may seem close to a sun-kissed copper, or darker versions reaching the hues of clay. One thing’s for sure, this exquisite tone never fails to leave an impression. The red Australian shepherd carries an incredible blend of color, personality, and vibrancy that simply cannot be overlooked. 

Remember, the compelling aesthetics of a red Aussie should not fool you into forgetting that their brilliance is more than skin-deep. Rooted in an ancestry marked by work hard, play hard ethos, these dogs, regardless of their color, are renowned for their intelligence, agility, and tenacity. But, with those chestnut eyes catching a glance at you from a coat of fiery red – it indeed is a sight that’s hard to resist.

5. Blue australian shepherd

Blue australian shepherd
Credit: sandollaraussies, Instagram

Let’s immerse ourselves into the charming world of blue-colored Australian Shepherds. These adorable dogs don an exquisite coat that’s a magnet for the eyes. Now, you’re probably wondering, “Blue? Do dogs come in blue?” But don’t be daunted by the seemingly unusual term. It’s just a sophisticated way to describe a particular grayish coat color that often gives a shimmering blue impression under the sunlight. 

This unique coloring, technically referred to as ‘dilute’, ensues from a specific gene that affects the pigmentation of the dog’s coat. While they may not be as prevalent as their red or black counterparts, blue Australian Shepherds still represent a significant portion of this breed’s colorful tapestry. Each blue Aussie is truly unique, with varying pattern distributions and intensity of color. 

Their dazzling blue coat is as dynamic as the Aussie’s personality itself – active, intelligent, and endearing. It’s no wonder these dogs have carved themselves a special spot within the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. However, besides the beauty that they bring, the health and well-being of blue Aussies, like any other color, should be everyone’s prime concern.

6. Tan australian shepherd

Imagine a warm, honey-like shade. That’s the wondrous hue of the Tan Australian Shepherd. This fantastic eumelanin color is not only visually appealing but also distinctive, making it easy to spot a tan Aussie amidst a pack. The tan color ranges from a pale, creamy yellow to a deep and rich rendition of gold. These dogs truly embody the vibrancy and warmth of their coat color. 

Moreover, the tan color is often combined with other colors in the breed’s bi-color and tri-color variations. It’s common to see tan markings on their eyebrows, chest, underparts, and beneath the tail, beautifully highlighting these areas against their contrasting base fur color. One of the most striking and desired patterns is the Black and Tan Aussie, with its beautiful contrast between the intense black color and the honeyed tan. 

Last but not least, the character of your tan-coated Australian Shepherd matches the warmth of their color. These dogs are usually bursting with energy, love, and loyalty, offering sunshine not just in their looks, but also in their lovely personalities. Indeed, the Tan Australian Shepherd is a sight to behold, presenting beauty that is more than just skin deep.

7. Yellow australian shepherd

Yellow australian shepherd
Credit: barktrek, Instagram

Hold your breath! We’re moving into the wondrous world of ‘Yellow’ Australian Shepherds. A sight for sore eyes, these precious pooches exhibit a fabulous range of yellow hues. From buttery popcorn shades to the luminescent glow of golden sunlight, every yellow Aussie is their unique piece of art. 

Here’s a fascinating fact for you – the dominance of the yellow color is due to the extensions of the ‘E’ gene. This might sound like some high school biology class, but it goes to show the significant role that genetics plays in your Aussie’s captivating color.

Their magnificent coat isn’t just a visual treat, their spirited playfulness and earnest affection make them worth all the love. A yellow Aussie is just as capable, intelligent, and reliable as his more commonly-colored kin. While they might be more rare to find, the reward is a standout companion that turns heads wherever they go. 

In the end, it’s not just about the color though. The heart of an Aussie is filled with unbounded loyalty and devotion, regardless of the color of its coat. After all, isn’t that what makes an Australian Shepherd truly riveting? 

8. White australian shepherd

White australian shepherd
Credit: aussie__maja, Instagram

Imagine the breath-taking beauty of fresh fallen snow; pure, brilliant, and gleaming in the sunlight. That’s the allure of the white Australian Shepherd. Though less common, white Australian Shepherds portray the rare beauty of winter’s magic. Their coat color adds an element of mystery and charm to their overall appeal.

White Australian Shepherds exhibit a broad range of white shades, ranging from a snowy white to a creamy hue. Regardless of the exact shade, their striking coat always stands out and draws attention, serving as a stunning contrast to their multi-colored siblings. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these dogs belong in the show ring alone and are all about beauty. Known for their intelligence, agility and a strong herding instinct, they are just as capable working dogs as their more colorfully-clad counterparts.

Remember that a purely white Australian Shepherd is not considered standard under most breed traits and could indicate some health issues like deafness or blindness. It’s crucial to engage with a responsible breeder to ensure the well-being of your pup. Always remember that the color of your dog’s coat does not define their worth. It’s their charming personalities, loving nature, and loyal companionship that truly makes this breed shine, regardless of their outer color.

9. Sable australian shepherd

Sable australian shepherd
Credit: oakley.and.ranger, Instagram

‘s talk about a color that exudes a sense of warmth – Sable. In the wonderful world of Australian Shepherds, Sable is a color that stands out beautifully against the pack. It refers to a coat that features a blend of dark and light hair, which gives the dog a distinctive, multi-tonal appearance. The sable Aussie Shepherd is unique not only for its striking look but also for its rarity. It’s not a color you’ll see trotting down every street.

This sandy hue may range from a deep, rich brown to a light, golden color – sometimes within the same coat! It all hinges on the depth of color in individual hairs. This enchanting combination offers a captivating, sun-kissed aesthetic that seems to be borrowed directly from the Australian wilderness itself. So, while your sable Australian Shepherd may not be the most commonplace, you can take heart in knowing your fur friend is a wonderfully unique addition to the Aussie family. This dynamic coloring, combined with the breed’s famously lively personality, truly makes sables a cherished member of the Australian Shepherd universe!

10. Chocolate australian shepherd

Chocolate australian shepherd
Credit: chocolatepaw_aussies, Instagram

 take a deeper look into the color palette of Australian Shepherds, you might be pleasantly surprised to find the color ‘Chocolate’. This color isn’t as common as some of the others but holds a unique charm that catches many a pet lover’s eye. When we speak about ‘Chocolate’ Australian Shepherds, we’re referring to dogs whose coats shine with a deep, rich brown hue reminiscent of delightful cocoa beans.

This color is an absolute joy to behold as it brings out the contours and muscular build of this dog breed in a beautiful way. The ‘Chocolate’ Australian Shepherds usually come in two different patterns: solid chocolate or marbled with lighter undertones. What really adds to their allure is when this primary hue is spectacularly offset by their striking light eyes or contrasted areas of fur in different hues.

It’s important to note, though, that while their eye-catching color is striking, it’s their intelligence, energy, and ideal temperament that make them well-loved pets. They may be fiery on a frisbee field and diligent on a sheep meadow, but their hearts are as warm as their chocolate coats. So, when you’re considering adopting an Australian Shepherd, remember that it’s not just the color, but the personality you fall in love with.

11. Black and Tan australian shepherd

Black and Tan australian shepherd

 captivating world of Australian Shepherds offers more fascinating color combinations. One color combination that truly stands out is Black and Tan. Picture this: a deep, rich black coat contrasted beautifully by warm, earthy tan markings. It’s a color combo that gives Australian Shepherds a unique, regal charm that’s hard to resist. Intrigued? You’re not alone.

The Black and Tan Australian Shepherd is not only breathtaking; it carries a sense of mystique and distinction that embraces the adventurous spirit of this breed. The black color in their coat is dominant and often covers the majority of their body. The tan usually appears in beautiful patches, predominantly on the face and legs, complementing the black and enhancing their expressive eyes. 

It’s important to note that the color of an Australian Shepherd’s coat doesn’t impact their personality or health. So, choosing your Aussie based on their color should be secondary to considering their temperament, health status, and how well they fit into your lifestyle. Remember, when you welcome an Australian Shepherd into your life, you’re adding not just a pet, but a new member to your family!


The Australian Shepherd, affectionately known as the “Aussie,” is not just another pretty face in the canine world. Their vibrantly diverse coat colors are an exceptional characteristic that makes them stand out among canine breeds. Indeed, Aussies are a palette of stunning and distinct hues, and no two are exactly the same. 

They can come in a prism of colors that include black, red, blue, tan, yellow, white, sable, and chocolate. You might even encounter ones in incredible combinations like blue merle and black and tan. Sure enough, their vast color spectrum often bewilders and fascinates dog lovers, prospective pet owners, and even experienced breeders. 

So, come along as we journey through the world of Australian Shepherd colors. This exploration will not only deepen your appreciation for this breed but also equip you with the knowledge to understand this fascinating canine color palette better.

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