The Australian Retriever is a mixed breed dog cross in the Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever dog breeds. Intelligent, loyal and friendly, these pups are with some of the best traits from both of their parents. You may find these mixed breed dogs in the shelters and the breed-specific rescues; hence you should remember to always adopt. Don’t shop if you are in search of adding one of these pups to your home. If you want to get a devoted family dog that is also smarter than your average dog, this Australian shepherd golden retriever mix may be an ideal addition to your household. The mixed-breed loves children and is also quick to form long-lasting and also loving bonds with all humans in their lives. 

Just stay aware that the Australian Retriever is one of the very energetic dogs around; hence you will have to commit to giving a lot of exercises. 

What is the size of the Australian shepherd golden retriever mix

australian shepherd golden retriever mix

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The Australian Retriever is a huge dog. As it is always the case with new mixed dog breeds, the exact size standards may differ. Most weigh at 25 to 60 pounds and may also range in height from 19 to 23 inches. 

This dog’s personality is that you will immediately notice that your dog is a super loving dog that wants to seek out human companionship all the time in the day. The dog will also bond with you and your kids and desire to be a part of your daily life. If you an active kind of family, that is just great. 

The mixed-breed will need many energetic exercises and playtime and will also benefit from the regular training sessions. 

This will stimulate their natural smarts. But Australian retrievers have also been known to have possessive tendencies. So you will have to set the boundaries early and also be able to commit to socializing the dog straight from the start.

You will also need to pay close attention to this dog when they meet new dogs or kids for the same reasons. The mixed-breed may make for a good watchdog, although they are not known to be that vocal when barking. 

Australian shepherd golden retriever Health:

Australian Retrievers are considered quite healthy dogs, although the breed may be predisposed to a few conditions that the Australian shepherd and the golden retriever face. As always, it is highly important to schedule a regular wellness visit with your vet. Some of the more common health problems Australian retrievers suffer from:

–        Cataracts

–        Bloat

–        Hip dysplasia

This dog is a highly energetic and also active dog and will also need around an hour of exercise every day. This will be split into two separate sessions. When out and about, your dog will also flourish in safe off-leash conditions, mainly if they may break out into longer runs or take a swim. Ideally, the dog will then live in a situation that features the fenced-in yard. Also, fetch and retrieve games to the daily exercise routine is imperative with this mixed breed. 

Along with exercise needs, you will want to check the paw pads of the Australian shepherd golden retriever mix for signs of any kind of damage that may have happened while being outdoors. Also, clip the dog’s nails; your vet may recommend the ideal way to do this and the correct frequency. 

You will also have to brush their teeth regularly, and your vet may also help in suggesting appropriate toothpaste brands and techniques for the dog. Finally, you have to make sure to check the breed’s ears for any sign of infection or the build of dirt. 

What are the feeding needs of this dog?

australian shepherd golden retriever mix

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An ideal Australian retriever diet must be formulated for a huge dog having high energy. Australian retrievers need to stick to a healthy diet as overeating may cause weight gain and also link health issues mainly if adequate exercise is not offered. 

As with all dogs, the Australian Retriever’s dietary needs will also change from puppyhood to adulthood and will continue to change into their senior years. It would help if you also asked your veterinarian for recommendations about your Australian Retriever’s diet as there is a lot many variations among these individual dogs. 

The coat colors:

The main colors that this coat of the Australian Retriever comes in are brown, black, and white. A few may be more golden like the retriever parent. It is common for all dogs to have their own unique mix of colors and markings. The mixed breed’s coat is mostly described as wavy and coarse when you touch it. When it comes to the grooming part, you will have to brush the dog’s coat two or thrice a week. This will also prevent any matting issues that will need a costly visit to the vet or the groomers. 

Children and other pets:

This dog is an ideal fit with other kids. You will find both the children and these canine bonding be very strong. Although because of the breed’s possessive tendency, you will have to make sure that both the parties are equally socialized in the early days. 

These dogs are also very fine around the household pets, although they may show you herding instincts. Hence, ensure that the boundaries between the dog and the existing household pets are laid down quite properly. 

Ultimately, the early socialization pays off with the mixed breed. 

Make sure you reward your Australian Retriever for their good behavior and also adhere to the proper training regimen when you bring these dogs home into your family. 

It may be hard to look for a breed-specific breed for the Australian retrievers as they are mixed breed. But you may want to try out the Australian shepherd or the golden retriever breed-specific rescues as they may often care for mixes as well.

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