Welcome, dear reader! You’ve taken the first step into uncovering the wonder that is the Beagle Lab Mix, a delightful blend of two well-known breeds. Our journey in this article will take us through a landscape of fascinating history, notable characteristics, care tips, and much more. So, buckle up, and be prepared for an exciting trip into the world of this adorable mixed breed.

Introducing the Beagle Lab Mix

Let’s draw the curtain back and shine a spotlight on the Beagle Lab Mix, a captivating and unique dog breed that has been making waves in the pet world. Born from the union of the playful Beagle and the loyal Labrador Retriever, this hybrid breed, often called the “Beagador”, is the epitome of charm, sturdiness, and intelligence. 

These companionable canines never fail to melt hearts with their crimped ears, endearing personalities, and strikingly beautiful coats that come in a multitude of colors, including black, white, tan, and many exciting combinations. You can always expect your days to be bright, lively, and utterly unforgettable with a Beagle Lab Mix trotting by your side!

Brief Overview of the Beagle and Labrador Retriever Breeds

Step into the world of two of the most delightful and popular dog breeds, the Beagle and the Labrador Retriever. Firstly, let’s talk about the Beagle. Characterized by its small size, large expressive eyes, and playful nature, the Beagle is well-loved as a family pet. This breed has a keen sense of smell, second only to the Bloodhound and was originally bred for hunting hare. 

Moving on to the Labrador Retriever-a breed impossible to overlook. Known for their amiable personality, high level of intelligence, and unmatched loyalty, these dogs are one of the most chosen breeds for service roles such as guide dogs. Originating in Newfoundland, the Labrador Retriever was used as a fisherman’s mate, retrieving nets, lines and fish. So naturally, this breed loves water! 

What Makes the Beagle Lab Mix Special?

The distinctive charm of the Beagle Lab Mix breed lies in its unique blend of traits inherited from its reputable parents, the Beagle and the Labrador Retriever. This delightful mix, commonly known as a “Beagador”, is a versatile and adaptable breed, boasting of the Beagle’s sharp sense of smell and the Labrador’s high energy levels. Their ability to adapt to diverse environments and their mid-size dimensions make them perfect for families and single owners alike. 

 These pups are renowned for their loyal companionship, being both affectionate to their human families and amicable with other pets. Not to mention, their coat colors vary from light to dark hues, offering an exciting palette of charming Beagadors to choose from.

beagle lab mix

Brief History and Characteristics

Let’s delve right into disseminating the intriguing heritage of this exceptional breed. The Beagle Lab Mix, or Labbe, is a hybrid breed that traces its roots back to the crossbreeding of a Labrador Retriever and a Beagle. Though the exact era or geographical location of this mix is unknown, both parent breeds have fascinating, well-documented histories, with the Labrador Retriever aiming its roots back to Newfoundland in the 1700s and the Beagle being a historically significant breed in England, dating back to the 1300s. 

The Labbe can range in a variety of colors including black, brown, yellow, tricolor, and sometimes even a perfect blend of its Beagle and Lab parent colors. With an average weight of 25 to 45 pounds and standing at a height of 20 to 24 inches, the Beagle Lab Mix is a comfortable size for various types of households and lifestyles. When it comes to personality, these dogs typically adopt the eager-to-please nature of the Labrador, coupled with the independently minded traits of the Beagle, offering prospective owners a unique mix of affection, energy, intelligence, and tenacity.

Understanding the Breed

Getting to the heart of the Beagle Lab mix starts with knowing the basics of the breed. A unique blend of the Beagle and Labrador Retriever breeds, this hybrid, often referred to as “Labbe”, offers a plethora of traits that can be quite captivating. 

It’s quite fascinating how the Beagle Lab mix marries the best qualities of both parent breeds. Beagles are widely acclaimed for their impressive scenting abilities; they are, after all, primarily scent hounds. On the other hand, Labrador Retrievers, as a working breed, are celebrated for their hardy nature and excellent retrieving skills. 

So, prepares to embrace the unique, delightful surprises that come with owning a Beagle Lab mix. Whether they’re sniffing out interesting smells during your daily walks or displaying their retrieving prowess during a game of fetch, be prepared for a journey filled with lively, enriching moments.

Origins and Traits

Let’s dive deeper into the roots of this intriguing canine. A Beagle Lab mix, also known as a Labbe, is a designer breed created by crossing the energetic Labrador Retriever with the good-natured Beagle. This charming mix brings the best of both worlds into one adorable package, inheriting traits from its parent breeds that make it an ideal family pet. 

With origins tracing back to the 1990s, when the first Beagle Lab mixes were reportedly bred, they quickly gained popularity for their lovable demeanor and trainable nature. Like their parents, Beagles and Labs, Labe’s display an engaging and friendly disposition, full of enthusiasm, and boundless energy. 

Yes, this vivacious Beagle Lab mix is indeed a happy fusion of all the characteristics that dog-lovers value the most. They’re friendly, energetic, and intelligent creatures who bring plenty of joy, laughter, and affection into their human families’ lives.

Popularity and Demand

The Rising Popularity of Beagle Lab Mix 

If you’ve paid any attention to the pet market recently, you’ll notice that there is an undeniable rise in the popularity of the Beagle Lab Mix, also known as “Beagador”. Renowned for its fantastic blend of traits from both parent breeds, Beagadors are winning the hearts of dog parents all over the US. 

Demand for the Beagle Lab Mix 

The demand for the Beagle Lab mix has skyrocketed in recent years. Potential dog owners are drawn to their high energy, bubbly personality, and the relative ease with which they can be trained. Often, breeders can’t keep up with the demand, leading to waiting lists. The popularity of television shows and movies featuring Beagadors has only fueled this demand. 

What Fuels the Popularity? 

The versatility of the Beagle Lab Mix is what makes them so popular. They’re just as content snuggling with you on the couch as they are running around and playing fetch in the backyard. Their size also makes them perfect for both apartment living and houses with yards. So, where does this fit into demand? 

Segway into Demand 

The combination of qualities possessed by the Beagle Lab mix has led to an increase in demand for this breed. Prospective pet parents seek a companion that is loyal, energetic, easy to train, and adaptable – and the Beagle Lab Mix checks all those boxes. This swift surge in popularity is something potential owners should take note of – with high demand, it’s wise to contact breeders early to express your interest.

beagle lab mix

Care and Maintenance

Ensuring the overall wellbeing of your Beagle Lab mix requires a certain level of knowledge and commitment. Your furry companion needs consistent care and maintenance to keep them healthy, happy, and well-behaved. Keep in mind that every dog is unique, and what works for one might not be just right for another. 

The Beagle Lab mix, often referred to as “Beagador,” typically possesses a robust build which needs optimal nourishment and physical stimulation. Diet-wise, these actively energetic mutts require high-quality commercial dog food or preferably all-natural homemade meals. Feed them a well-balanced diet that’s rich in proteins and nutrients, simultaneously keeping a keen eye on their tendency to overeat due to their Labrador heritage. 

Regular moderate to high-intensity exercise suits the Beagador’s active lifestyle, helping to keep its physical and mental faculties sharp. Longer walks and play sessions in the backyard or a secure park would help keep them stimulated and prevent destructive behavior born from boredom or lack of exercise. It’s also worth noting that mental stimulation through puzzle toys and obedience training is highly beneficial. 

In terms of grooming, Beagadors, much like their Beagle parents, have a smooth coat that sheds moderately and requires regular brushing to stay clean and minimize shedding. Bath them only when necessary with a mild dog shampoo to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils. Regular ear cleaning is also essential to prevent infections due to their Beagle parent’s predisposition to ear issues. 

Regular vet check-ups are also crucial to ensure your Beagle Lab mix stays in the best possible health. Always stay updated on vaccinations, worm, tick, and flea treatments. Regular teeth brushing and nail trimming also contribute to the overall wellbeing of the breed. 

In conclusion, giving quality care and maintenance to your Beagle Lab mix would ensure a harmonious and healthy relationship between both of you. Remember, a happy Beagador is a dog well looked after, both physically and emotionally.

Dietary Needs and Feeding

When it comes to feeding your Beagle Lab Mix, it’s crucial to remember that every dog is unique. What works for one may not work for another. However, a few general guidelines can help steer you in the right direction. 

Moreover, the diet of your Beagle Lab Mix should be nutritionally balanced. A recommended diet is one that includes proteins for muscle health, carbohydrates for energy, fiber for digestion, and omega fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin. Plus, always ensure your dog has access to fresh, clean water to keep them hydrated. 

With younger pups, their meal frequency should be three times a day. As they grow, you can reduce it to two. Avoid “free-feeding” (leaving food out all day) as Beagle Lab Mixes have the trait of eating even when they aren’t hungry, which can lead to weight gain over time. 

To conclude, the secret to feeding your Beagle Lab Mix is to strike a balance – between portion control and diet quality. They should not only satiate your dog’s hunger but also provide all the nutrients essential for their overall well-being.

Grooming and Exercise Requirements

Embracing a Beagle Lab mix into your life comes with exciting new responsibilities. One of the ways to ensure your mixed breed canine leads a healthy, happy life is through regular grooming and exercise. 

When it comes to grooming, the Beagle Lab mix’s short and thick coat is relatively easy to manage. You’ll want to brush them at least once a week to reduce shedding and keep the coat looking clean and glossy. Regular bathing is not usually necessary – once every two to three months should suffice. However, if your active pup loves romping in the mud, additional bath times might be required. Pay attention to their ears as well. Due to the Beagle’s floppy ear predisposition, make sure their ears are clean and dry to prevent infections. Don’t forget about dental hygiene – regular teeth brushing will help fend off future dental issues. 

Remember, a well-groomed and adequately exercised Beagle Lab mix is not just about maintaining a beautiful appearance and good physical health, but also contributes positively to their overall wellbeing and happiness. With patience and commitment, you will soon settle into a delightful routine that works perfectly for both you and your furry friend.

Training and Socialization

Training and socializing your Beagle Lab Mix can be a fascinating journey indeed. This beguiling breed is known for its quick instinct, high intelligence, and an enduring urge to please its owner. The ball is now in your court to turn these fantastic traits into harnessing their near-limitless potential. 

What Should You Know About Training? 

This breed is eager to learn, so starting early with puppy classes is an excellent first step. Keep training sessions short, engaging, and positive. Remember, Beagle Lab Mixes respond well to food-based rewards, reinforcing positive behavior. Consistency is key when training this breed, so don’t send mixed messages. Stick to the rules you want your pup to follow. 

The Secret Spice: Patience 

Patience is the secret sauce to having a well-behaved Beagle Lab Mix. Some days training might seem like a mountain hike, but remember, the view from the top is worth it! So keep at it, even on those seemingly tough days. 

Why is Socialization so Crucial? 

Socialization is as important as formal training. Introducing your Beagle Lab Mix to a variety of people, animals, and environments can help them become a well-rounded pet. Start by taking your pup to pup-friendly places – dog parks, and pet-friendly cafes are great starting points. Introduce them to your friends and extended family, different sounds, sights, and experiences. This exposure can help your pup grow into a confident and well-adjusted dog. 

The Power of Early Socialization 

Starting socialization early helps shape your Beagle Lab Mix into a sociable, friendly dog. Remember, the goal is not to make them fearless but help them react appropriately in social situations. Keep these experiences positive. It is your responsibility to ensure your new furry friend feels safe and secure.

Training Tips for Obedience

If you’re looking to train a Beagle Lab Mix, there are a few tips for obedience that could be immensely beneficial to you. These dogs are known for their intelligence and eagerness to please their owners, but it’s crucial to approach obedience training the right way from the onset. 

Start by implementing a reward-based strategy. These mixes respond well to positive reinforcement, like treats, toys, or even just good ol’ praise. Whenever they follow a command or behave appropriately, reward them so they can associate the action with something positive. It’s important to remember that patience is key during this process. Allow your pup to take their time and never punishment for mistakes. 

Consistency is another vital factor in successful obedience training. Ensure everyone in your house is following the same rules and command words. Conflicting commands can confuse your pup and impede their learning progress. So, uniformity in behavior and language from all family members is essential. 

Lastly, always remember to keep training sessions short, consistent, and enjoyable. These dogs have somewhat short attention spans and they can get bored easily. Making it a fun activity will keep them engaged. 

With these obedience training tips and a bit of patience and persistence, you should be well-equipped to train your Beagle Lab Mix and help them grow to be disciplined and well-mannered adult dogs.

Importance of Socialization

As an esteemed future dog owner, understanding the importance of socialization is imperative, especially when it comes to the Beagle Lab Mix. Before we delve deeper, let’s first establish what socialization means in the canine world—broadly speaking, it’s the process of introducing your pup to new experiences, environments, humans, and other animals.

But why, you may wonder, is socialization so important? Essentially, effective socialization helps to shape your dog’s reactions and behaviours. Exposing your Beagle Lab Mix to a variety of situations and interactions from an early age will improve their general behaviour, making them more confident and less likely to react with fear or aggression.

In the case of a Beagle Lab Mix, they are generally a breed that thrives on companionship. Social interactions will not only help them to become well-adjusted adults but also contribute significantly to their overall happiness. Remember, a happy dog makes for a joyful pet-parent!

Moreover, socialization can help cut down on any potential behavioural issues. A well-socialized Beagle Lab Mix is less likely to develop anxiety disorders or show signs of uneasiness or hostility towards other animals or humans.

So when you decide to bring a Beagle Lab Mix into your home, ensure that socialization is part of the plan. The experiences, interactions, and lessons learned through this process will pave the way for a harmonious, enriching life together.

Health and Wellness

When it comes to the health and wellness of your Beagle Lab mix, there are a few key points you need to bear in mind. Being the offspring of a Beagle and a Labrador Retriever, this hybrid breed often enjoys a robust and fit constitution. However, they are also prone to certain hereditary health conditions, with hip and elbow dysplasia topping the list. 

In terms of mental wellness, you will want to prioritize regular socialization and training for your Beagle Lab mix. Such dogs are highly sociable and intelligent, so they often thrive in environments that give them ample opportunities for interaction and mental stimulation. 

Finally, remember that every dog is unique. Your Beagle Lab mix may have health and wellness needs that differ from the generic breed information. Hence, it’s crucial to develop a personalized care plan with the guidance of a trusted veterinarian.

Common Health Concerns

As a prospective or current owner, it’s critical that you’re acquainted with the potential health issues your Beagle Lab mix might encounter. Don’t let this scare you, all breeds have their set of potential health concerns, and being aware can help you spot early signs and seek needed care. 

While Beagle Lab mixes are generally healthy, they may potentially inherit some health conditions prevalent in their parent breeds—Labrador Retrievers and Beagles. The most common health issues to watch out for include Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, a condition where the joints do not develop properly leading to potential loss of function and pain. 

Beagle Lab mixes can also be at risk for obesity. These eager eaters, if not fed appropriate portions and provided regular exercise, can easily gain weight. An overweight Beagle Lab mix is prone to back issues, heart disease, and other medical complications. 

Eye conditions such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and cataracts could also potentially affect your Beagle Lab mix. Regular vet check-ups are crucial to catch these conditions early, as early intervention can prevent or slow down progression. 

Finally, like all breeds, Beagle Lab mixes can potentially suffer from various allergies, ranging from food allergies to environmental sensitivities. Regular monitoring and discussing any changes in behavior or health with your vet can aid in proper management. 

Though these health concerns seem daunting, keep in mind that a well-cared for Beagle Lab mix can lead a long, healthy, and active life. The key is in being an informed, proactive, and responsive pet parent.

Preventive Care Measures

Being a responsible Beagle Lab Mix owner includes understanding and implementing preventive care measures for your beloved canine companion. It’s not just about responding to health issues, but more importantly, about avoiding them in the first place. 

Parasite prevention plays a key role in maintaining your furry friend’s health. Your vet can provide advice on how to protect your dog from fleas, ticks, heart worms, and other internal and external parasites. 

Lastly, dental care shouldn’t be overlooked. Many dog owners tend to ignore oral hygiene, but maintaining clean teeth and gums can prevent many health issues, including heart problems. Brushing your pooch’s teeth regularly and providing them with dental treats is a straightforward way to maintain their oral health. 

Remember, proactive prevention is always better than reactive treatment. Let’s keep your Beagle Lab Mix hale and hearty for many joyful years to come!

Indoor Living Considerations

When accommodating a Beagle Lab Mix within your home, there are certain factors that you should take into account. The Beagle Lab Mix is an energetic, moderately-sized breed that requires both physical and mental stimulation. Thus, it’s important that your indoors offers enough space for movement and playtime. 

Temperature regulation is another key indoor living consideration. Ensure that your home temperature is comfortable for your Beagle Lab Mix, offering cooler areas during hot seasons and warmer spots during cold ones. A pet-friendly home is one that considers these factors for the overall wellbeing of your adorable and ever-loyal companion.

beagle lab mix

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Home Environment

Ensuring your home is a safe haven for your Beagle Lab mix is absolutely essential. Both of these breeds are known for their curiosity and energy, making the need for space and security paramount. Let’s guide you through tips on designing a dog-friendly home.

The first thing to look for is hazards. Check for and secure any loose wires and remove hazardous substances that are within your furry friend’s reach. Remember to secure heavy items that could tumble over, causing injury to your pet. This is especially important if you live in a multi-story home. 

Comfort is another paramount concern. Your pup will need a cozy and quiet place to sleep. Consider using dog beds or pet-friendly furniture. This is especially crucial if your furry friend has any joint issues, as comfortable bedding can help alleviate the symptoms. Keep in mind that the temperature has to remain comfortable for them too, so let your heating and cooling decisions be influenced by their needs. 

Your Beagle Lab mix is a part of your family, and their needs should be a priority. With careful consideration and a bit of planning, you can ensure your home becomes their haven. Remember, a safe and comfortable home leads to a happy and healthy dog.

Interaction with Children

Interacting with children is another pivotal aspect when it comes to the Beagle Lab Mix. This hybrid breed, due to its gentle and friendly nature, can easily form good bonds with children. However, it’s always a best practice to monitor these interactions, especially with younger kids. 

Keep in mind that, even though Beagle Lab Mixes are typically patient and gentle, they are also energetic and playful. This makes it vitally important to teach your children how to interact respectfully with your pet. Explain to them that the dog isn’t a toy and needs to be treated with kindness and respect. This will not only ensure a healthy relationship between your kid and the pet but also promote a mutual understanding. 

It’s also important to know that early socialization can have a great impact here. The earlier the Beagle Lab Mix gets accustomed to children, the smoother their future interactions will be. So, don’t hesitate to gradually introduce your new pet to your children and guide each toward a healthy, respectful relationship. 

Lastly, never leave very young children unattended with any dog, including a Beagle Lab Mix. Dogs may react unpredictably to unexpected actions from a child, and closely supervising their early interactions can help avoid any potential harm.

Getting Along with Other Pets

The Beagle Lab mix, or ‘Labbe’, is generally known for their friendly nature and an enthusiastic eagerness for companionship. Thus, they often get along superlatively with various pets in the home. However, it’s important to remember that the integration may take some time and patience. 

Due to their Beagle side, the Labbe can sometimes be possessive or display a prey drive, especially if they see smaller animals such as birds, guinea pigs, or rabbits. To avoid any incidents, it’s wise to acclimatize them slowly with smaller pets and always supervise initial interactions. 

On the other hand, the Labbe’s Labrador lineage means they are typically excellent with other dogs. If socialized properly from a young age, they will grow to be comfortable and playful with other canines. They often enjoy the playtime and companionship other dogs provide, making them an ideal cohabitant for other dogs in the home. 

In summary, while the Labbe is typically a pet-friendly breed, individual behaviors may vary. Its crucial to introduce new animals slowly, supervise early interactions, and reinforce positive behavior. Remember – patience is key to a harmonious multi-pet household!

Adoption Considerations

Before you make the leap to adopt a Beagle Lab mix, there are some factors you should weigh with care. This cute, driven, and adventurous breed requires a dedication that is not to be taken lightly.

Determine Your Capability Firstly, ask yourself if you’re capable of meeting the breed’s demands. Can you deal with their inexhaustible energy levels and feeding requirements? Their eagerness to explore means they require ample spaces to run and play. Apartment dwellers, take note!

Consider Your Lifestyle Secondly, evaluate your lifestyle. Beagle Lab mixes thrive in an active environment. If you’re a couch potato type, this breed may not be the best fit for you as they demand plenty of exercise to keep them in tip-top shape both physically and mentally.

Long-term Commitment Remember: adopting a dog is a long-term commitment, lasting over a decade for most healthy dogs. Be sure you are ready for the responsibility that involves regular veterinary care, grooming, training, exercise, and a lot of love and attention.

Cost Implications Next, do you understand the cost implications? They involve more than just the adoption fee. Food, grooming, vet care, and pet insurance, as well as the possible costs of dog training classes or doggy daycare, are key factors to consider.

Family Dynamics

You might be wondering how a Beagle Lab mix would fit into your family’s unique dynamics. Well, this friendly, amiable breed generally does a stellar job of slipping right into the family unit as if they’ve always belonged. Whether your family consists of young children, teenagers, adults, or elderly members, the Beagle Lab mix possesses the adaptability and temperament to ease into the equation perfectly. 

Selecting a Reputable Breeder

Finding the right breeder for your Beagle Lab mix is a vital step in your journey. This process is crucial because a reputable breeder not only guarantees a healthy and happy puppy but also serves as an invaluable source of guidance and expertise throughout the dog’s life. 

Start your search by seeking referrals, whether from friends, vets, local kennel clubs, or through established breed organizations. An excellent breeder is often known within the community and has a solid reputation that could be vouched for by previous clients.

During your interactions, do ensure to ask questions. Inquire about the history of the puppies, their parents, and any genetic health issues that might be associated with the breed. Pay attention to the environment the dogs are kept in; it should be clean, spacious, and conducive for growth. 

A conscientious breeder will also show deep interest in their dogs’ welfare, even after they’ve found a new home. They might question you about your lifestyle, why you want a Beagle Lab mix, and how you plan to care for the dog. While this might seem intrusive, it’s usually a good sign that the breeder cares deeply about where their pups end up. 

Furthermore, a good breeder will always provide a complete medical history of the puppies and will often have a return policy; should anything not work out, they would rather have the dog back than see it end up in a shelter. 

In your quest for a Beagle Lab mix, patience is key. Do not rush the process. Remember, an excellent dog is worth the wait.

Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

Respecting the Law By law, you are required to properly care for your pet’s needs, which includes feeding, grooming, exercising, and providing veterinary care. In many places, microchipping and registering your dog are compulsory, too. Do your due diligence. Familiarize yourself with local laws specific to dog ownership in your area. Failing to satisfy these regulations can lead to fines, penalties, or worse, the loss of your pet.

Commitment to Ethical Care While a Beagle Lab Mix may be an endearing addition to your life, it is important to remember that any dog is a lifelong commitment. Ensure you can afford to provide all the necessary care for your dog: this includes regular vet checks, quality food, and emergency medical care. Abandonment and neglect are not only cruel but are also offenses that can lead to severe penalties.

Understanding Breed-Specific Regulations

Understanding the breed-specific regulations related to the Beagle Lab mix, often referred to as a “Beagador”, is a crucial step before welcoming this adorable, someone aloof, companion into your life. Breed-specific laws may differ not just from one country to another, but sometimes even from one city to another within the same country. 

Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is a law or regulation that is directed toward specific breeds or types of dogs. However, you’ll be glad to hear that the Beagle Lab mix isn’t affected by most forms of BSL, as it isn’t typically considered a ‘dangerous’ or ‘aggressive’ breed category. 

Beyond legal implications, knowing your breed-specific rules can also help you in other crucial areas like insurance. Some companies are reluctant to provide homeowners or renters insurance if you own certain dog breeds. While the Beagle Lab mix isn’t typically one of these breeds, it’s always prudent to check and ensure you’re covered. 

In conclusion, understanding breed-specific regulations before you adopt or purchase a Beagle Lab mix is not just a legal requirement, but also plays a significant role in ensuring a smooth and joyful companionship with your new pet. Therefore, always ensure you are well-informed about these specifics for a trouble-free pet ownership experience.


To wrap it all up, the Beagle Lab Mix is indeed a remarkable breed that effortlessly brings together the best traits of its Beagle and Labrador parentage. This extraordinarily active and friendly canine friend doesn’t merely offer you companionship but becomes an integral part of the family, thanks to its loving nature and high adaptability to various environments. 

So, if you are considering the Beagle Lab Mix as your future four-legged friend, articulate selection, patience, and long-term commitment should be your guiding principles. In return, expect an unconditional, vibrant companionship that will bring added joy, happiness, and fulfillment to your life!

Wishing You Joyful Companionship

We hope this comprehensive guide has provided useful insights and information about the beautiful and engaging Beagle Lab Mix. As you embark on this journey of pet ownership, we wish you abundant joy and meaningful companionship. 

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