We all love pets, and we all love the idea of having a furry pet around us whenever we want a cuddle or a snuggle. Some pets are as ordinary as any other animal in the nearby houses, but a few are unique. Such is the dog we are going to talk about today. The bear coat shar pei is a super furry dog that looks super cute as well. 

But will it be okay to bring this cute one home? 

Bear Coat Shar Pei

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Bear Coat Sar Pies are a medium-sized breed of dogs. They are perfectly known for their extremely wrinkled skin that comes in many colors. This is s loyal and confident dog breed that stems from their origin of being guard dogs. They require regular but moderate exercise but may make good pets for city dwellers. 

This dog is known as deep wrinkled and a blue or black tongue. This breed originates from China and its southern sides. Shar-pei has too many wrinkles when they are born, but soon this skin spreads out as they grow into it. 

The character of Bear Coat Shar Pei:

The sharpie bear coat is a very calm and docile dog that is affectionate to his masters. These dogs deliver protective and respectful behaviours. You will find shar pei bear coat puppies to be very faithful, attached, and independent. 

Unlike all other dog breeds, the sharpie bear coat shar pei doesn’t need constant attention. But there still is possible that you get a shar pei bear coat that likes socializing with people. 

These dogs are highly intelligent but are also stubborn, and they may be disobedient at the start of the training sessions. But once you train these dogs, you will find them to be quite obedient. 

You will also need to let your dog socialize with friends and family so that it can learn respect and patience towards all. 

How can you train your bear coat shar pei?

When your dog is in the puppy stage, you should practice socialization, which we should show our dog other kinds of people, objects, and animals. The main purpose of this stage is to bring in knowledge of the dog’s environment to foster a more friendly, respectable, and affectionate attitude. Thus, preventing fears or aggressiveness in the future. 

While on the other hand, their intelligence will help you in the training stage. We should teach this dog the basic training orders such as lie down, sit, stay come, etc. 

These are some important elements for the dog’s safety, for him to obey you and help create a very powerful emotional bond with the dog. 

How can I take care of the coat of my bear coat shar pei?

Bear Coat Shar Pei

Credit: Cristina Grinciuc, pinterest

To begin with, we must put a strong emphasis on the coat of this dog that needs a rich and high-quality diet. It should preferably be rice and fish. This is mainly because this dog has a very sensitive stomach and can catch allergies as well. Hence it is best to feed this dog breed some fish and rice that will improve the digestibility. 

While on the other hand, we should know that it isn’t good to bather the Bear coat shar pei that much. A bath that is either done each month or half a month is enough. This is because soap and water remove the layer of body fat present on your dog that isolates him and protects him. 

You will have to also pay attention to drying your dog once you have bathed it or have walked in the rain to have no fungus growth in its coat. Pay special attention to spaces like wrinkles, where fungi may affect the most. 

Is a bear coat shar pei an active dog?

Shar-pei bear coat puppies require a good amount of outdoor exercise. They must be taken on long walks or allowed to play some active games regularly. These dogs do not like much heat and must not be over-exercised in hotter weather. 

What is the Shar pei bear coat price?

You can adopt the shar pei bear coat puppies at a lower cost than buying from the breeder. The cost to get the Shar Pei is around $300 to cover caring for a dog before adopting it. 

But in contrast, getting this dog from the breeders may be quite excessive. Based on the breeding, they mostly cost anywhere from $800 to $2000. 

Are shar pei dogs aggressive?

Bear Coat Shar Pei

These dogs were bred to be highly aggressive to all other animals and even to people. Their main role being watchdogs and pit fighter means that it was quite beneficial to have a strong temper and confident demeanour. 

But any dog that is raised improperly has the potential to be dangerous. A dog with a fighting and guarding background and is confident and independent will be at a higher risk. Not all Shar pei are dnager0ous, but the odds might worsen with the other dog breeds. 

Deposit the relative rareness of the breed comes higher in the studies looking at facial bites among children, for example. They have been called very aggressive by the veterinarians. But using positive reinforcement training and also great socialization may help improve the condition. You can put your dog on a training session that helps it learn the ins and outs of keeping this dog in a healthy state of mind. 

So this was all about the details of bear coat shar pei and what you will have to deal with these dogs as pets. So what do you think you are going to get for yourself? Pets are always a beautiful addition to any family, but you must also keep note of all other factors that make this pet a good one or not. 

Dogs are considered good friends but make sure you know which dog personality you can welcome into your house environment.

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