You might have come across an absolutely stunning dog looking like a black golden retriever, but what if I told you that it is scientifically impossible for a golden retriever to be black? Animal Genticis.US explains why this is scientifically impossible. Let’s study some science then. Shall we?

The MCR1 gene is what is responsible for the colour of a dog’s coat. A dominant “E” allele is what allows for a black or darker fur. A recessive “e” allele gives the coat a yellow, brown or red colour. 

All golden retrievers have the recessive genotype of “e/e”, and therefore a purebred golden retriever can never be black, or pass on the “E” allele to its offsprings to produce black retriever pups. This isn’t the only gene that decides fur colour, but any dog breed with the “e/e” trait cannot be black. 

You might be thinking about genetic mutations. But even that cannot produce a golden retriever with black fur. Generally, mutations in the skin gene can only cause little birth-mark like patches on the fur. 

If not a golden retriever, what did you see?

Black Golden Retriever

Credit: Pawzooks, Pinterest

A few dog breeds can give you the illusion of being a black golden retriever because of their similar body structures, fluffy hairy coat and even personal traits to an extent. 

Again, scientifically speaking, the origin of golden retrievers came from the breeding of Tweed water spaniel and wavy coated retriever. So it is quite natural that some breeds of retrievers and spaniel give you the illusion of being a golden retriever with a black coat. 

A few dogs that might look like black golden retrievers. 

  1. Golden retriever and black German Shepherd mix
  2. Black Labrador and Golden retriever mix
  3. Flat-coated retrievers
  4. Hovawart
  5. Newfoundland 

What to get if you want something very similar to a black-coated golden retriever?

You don’t have to be disheartened about the fact that your dream golden retriever does not exist. You can always get a similar dog!

Of course, you can get any of the breeds mentioned in the last section, but if you want a very similar dog, who not only looks like a golden retriever but is also similar to one in its temperament, you can totally opt for a black flat-coated retriever.

If you want to know the differences and similarities between the two breeds, here’s an analysis of a flat-coated retriever and a golden retriever for you.


  • Featherings around their legs and tails
  • Both were bred as a hunting dog
  • Energetic breeds with high exercising needs
  • Puppy-like behaviour sustained for a long time. (Even longer in flat-coated retrievers)
  • Happy, loving and sensitive dogs
  • Love to fetch and jump, as they are very energetic
  • Similar body structure
  • Similar size


  • The colour of the fur. Golden retrievers can range from cream to red, while flat-coat retrievers are maroon to black. 
  • Golden retrievers are calmer in compared to flat-coated retrievers
  • Flat-coated retrievers get too excited at times, and in the state of being super excited might hurt children. Golden retrievers however have been seen to be great with kids. 

Where to find a black flat-coated retriever and how much do they cost?

Black Golden Retriever

Credit: Pro Pet Works, Pinterest

Finding a black flat-coated retriever should not be a problem, as they are a common colour in the breed. Moreover, the breed in itself is fairly popular. You can easily find breeders who breed these retrievers. 

When selecting a breeder, make sure that they are a trustworthy breeder, as dogs might face health issue if not bred properly. So make sure to check reviews and ratings of the breeder if possible before purchasing your pup. 

For a well-bred flat-coated retriever you might have to pay anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000. Compared to many other breeds, this is actually not a huge amount. Retrievers are fairly cheaper. 

But keep in mind, that you will have to get some additional supplies for your puppy, like food, a food bowl, toys, shampoo and a bedding arrangement. You might also have to get the dog vaccinated and checked if the breeder doesn’t do that. So make sure to add these costs to your diary before buying your puppy. 

Do not fall for the black golden retriever trap

You might come across breeders who claim to sell pure-bred black golden retrievers. They will claim that the dog is an absolutely purebred golden retriever. They will talk about how rare the dog is and ask you for obscenely high amounts of money. 

But as we have already looked at the scientific aspect of things, and the impossibility of it, please do not fall for such scams. It is absolutely genetically impossible. 

Also, keep in mind that any good breeder will prioritize the health and the temperament of a dog over its looks and colour. So please don’t buy any pets from a breeder who claims to have this “rare” golden retriever.

How to know if the black flat-coated retriever is the perfect pet for you?

Black Golden Retriever

Credit:, Pinterest

If you wanted a retriever and also a black dog, this is the perfect dog for you. Flat-coated retrievers are very similar to golden retrievers in their temperament and in most cases, the difference is so little that it is hard to tell. 

If you want a big dog, who can cuddle with you, give you all the attention you need, go running with you and also look like an absolute blessing on your social media, just get yourself a flat-coated retriever.

Even if you have kids, you can actually get one of these dogs, and train them well. If your kids aren’t too little then it shouldn’t even be a problem. Retrievers make for excellent family dogs and are full of love and warmth. 


So now that we have busted your bubble about the midnight golden retriever, no one can scam you. Remember that all pets are loving and kind. You have to be nice to them to get their love and train them well to get the best version of them. 

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