The Chihuahua husky mix is a fairly new mixed breed. This designer breed was created by crossing a Siberian husky and a Chihuahua together. The result of this crossing is a mix that’s far from the regular and a tad shocking. 

The crossing that creates this particular breed isn’t a natural occurrence, as there’s quite a noticeable size difference between Siberian husky and Chihuahua. Advances in science and IVF technology are some of the things that have made it possible to cross two entirely different dog species to obtain the desirable Chihuahua husky mix.

The result of crossing Chihuahua and Siberian husky is the adorable Chihuahua mix that looks a bit like a mini-husky. All dog species have unique features and characteristics.

Chihuahuas, like other dog breeds have unique qualities and features that shape how these dogs turn out and their temperament. However, there are still characteristics and features that are unique to each individual breed.

Chihuahua husky mix is a hybrid mix that has become quite famous among future dog owners. This newly found dog mix is famous because they usually turn out possessing unique qualities that might be hard to find in other breeds. They also usually have less health problems that they pose to both the new breed of dogs.

Mixing dog DNA requires a basic knowledge of dog breeds, and size differences that exist between the breeds about to be crossed. It takes a perfect mix for the end result to be an adorable and soon-to-be beloved dog that’s suitable for families and a lot of other uses.

This mix merges together the active yet tiny Chihuahua and the burly, active Siberian husky. Mixing two breeds together usually brings out the best results in the two breeds that are crossed. Dogs created like this are also expected to come with a clean bill of health as issued by a recognized institutions.

What does the Chihuahua husky cross look like?

Chihuahua Husky Mix

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A Chihuahua husky cross is medium-to small sized, and weigh only about 15 pounds. The result is a dog that is bigger than the regular Chihuahua but still smaller than the Siberian Husky. They’re usually sized in the range of 10 to 15 inches and weigh between 10 to 30 pounds.

The coat of a Chihuahua Siberian husky is usually the regular length of animal coats. The coats of animals like this come in different colors. These coats shed just a little bit and require grooming at intervals and brushing of the hair, as well as regular brushing and baths.

Without grooming it will be difficult to keep hair and coat shining and mining. There’s also the need to examine ears and nails to ensure they’re not infected.  This cross breed has vibrant blue eyes that are first formed at a young age and are held till university.

As a result of the level of mixing of genes and DNA that occurs, the possible colors that this mix can turn out to be includes; blue, brown or other colors.


Chihuahua Husky Mix

Credit: reddit, Pinterest

To depict an accurate picture of the Chihuahua husky mix’s temperament, first one needs to comprehend the temperament of the breeds from which it is derived by crossing since these are the temperaments it is likely to depict at different points in time.

The temperament and thought process of Siberian husky, just like its physical appearance can be unpredictable. Siberian huskies have an outgoing and friendly personality, and are hardworking animals. Huskies love to be active, and are hyper sensitive to their surroundings. 

Chihuahuas are a different animal entirely; despite being quite small, their temperament mirrors that of much larger dogs and they enjoy being the centre of attention. They’re also fairly active and sensitive to their environment and what’s going on in it. Chihuahuas have a bubbling personality that makes them fun to have around. 

Remember that Chihuahua husky mix is gotten by crossing these two diverse dog breeds, and as such can exemplify any of their personalities, just like it combines their physical attributes. These dogs can be quite friendly when they want to be, and can also be quite stubborn at times, especially when they haven’t had a lot of interaction with humans.

Not training a Chihuahua husky mix properly, just like lots of other breeds, is a recipe for disaster. This will predispose the dog to behavior that’s aggressive and potentially dangerous. It behooves owners of this unique breed to care for their dogs and ensure they remain well taken care of and happy.

Life Expectancy and Health

The Chihuahua husky mix can be expected to live for about 12 to 15 years. They’re usually health, though they’re also known to have to suffer health problems that other toy breeds suffer. They’re also prone to health issues like elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism and more.

Exercise and Training

The Chihuahua husky mix love exercising regularly as they have a bundle of energy that needs to be channeled toward physical activity. They need to be walked as often as possible, and also be played with preferably outdoors to keep them sharp.

The key to safely exercising these dogs is not to push them beyond their limit as they’re known to suffer heat related conditions like heatstroke.

As for training, this mix also benefits a lot from consistent training as it allows them to interact and behave better in social gatherings. This helps them improve their temperament and makes them a better human companion.

They have a tendency to be bossy and obedience training is the key to improving their behavior. Rewarding these dogs for good behavior is also important because they enjoy being showered with praise and rewards. 

Chihuahua husky mix also needs sufficient socialization in their training routine to make them ease up while they’re around other dogs and animals.

Is the Chihuahua Husky Mix right for you?

The Chihuahua husky mix has as many undesirable traits as it does desirable ones. You need to consider all when deciding if you want to bring one in to your home and your family. 

These dogs can be quite friendly but don’t work well with children that are abusive to it. This is an important consideration before adopting this breed. They can also be aggressive when they’re not well trained and socialized.

The good thing though, is that they’re attractive and come in a wide range of colors and coats that add to their uniqueness and appeal.

Chihuahua husky mix is a cross of two diverse breeds that results in a dog that’s energetic and bubbling. They’re small to medium sized and have a unique appearance. These dogs are intelligent, live for 12 to 15 years and are sociable though they require training and exercise to keep their temperament desirable.

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