Over the last decade, the Chiweenie dog has climbed its way to one of the most sought-after dogs, a family could own. A Chiweenie is a designer dog, originating from the cross between a Dachshund and a Chihuahua. It is an adorable dog breed that started in the 1990s. And since then, its popularity has only increased. The best thing about a Chiweenie puppy is that it is small in size. Even when these Chiweenie puppies grow into dogs, they’re still smaller and affordable. Thus, making them an ideal fit for small apartments.

1. Excellent Companions

Chiweenie Puppies

Credit: keystonepuppies, Pinterest

Chiweenie puppies are known for their loyalty. They like to stay close to their owners. Whether it’s an uninvited sitting on your lap or a walk around the park, they’re always filled with energy. They love to play and show affection to their owners. They don’t take too much of your budget. They come with an affordable routine and are incredibly easy to care for. All these traits make them an ideal fit for career-oriented people who like to have a companion by their side.

2. Adjustable

Chiweenie generally weighs between 8 and 25 pounds. This is comparatively low than the other dog breeds. Their height varies from 6 to 8 inches, making them an ideal house pet. Because of their small size, they are incredibly adjustable. You wouldn’t have to care about the size of your apartment to help the dog adjust.

Further, it’s seen that Chiweenie puppies don’t do well with kids. So, if you’re living alone and need a companion who’s there every time you return from work, then Chiweenie is the deal for you.

3. Blended Appearance

The Chiweenie puppy has a lot of diverse breeds. The mixes often depend on the dominant gene and the traits of their parent breeds. They often have a small head, perky ears, and a long tail, just like the Chihuahua and Dachshund breeds. Their eye color can be either brown or hazel. They have small feet that go along with a long back. A Chiweenie dog mostly comes with a brown, black, or white coat. But this does not mean that they can’t have other colors. The Dachshund gene allows them to display several solid and bi-colored coatings. Talking about their nose, it can be either black or brown, depending upon the gene.

4. Effortless Grooming

Chiweenie Puppies

Credit: keystonepuppies, Pinterest

Chihuahuas are known to have thick coats. But when bred with Dachshunds, they usually give off small and smooth coats. The coat length is lesser than what the average dogs possess. Similarly, their coat density is only sparse which makes them easy to groom. Their straight coat texture will help you comb through them quite easily. Chiweenie puppies are somewhat low maintenance when it comes to grooming. But you still have to make sure that you don’t give them a reason to acquire dust and debris in their skin. Regular cleaning should be your top-notch priority.

5. Not Ideal for Small Children

Chiweenie, due to their small size, may look all cute and cuddly. But they have a very stubborn nature. They tend to accumulate anxiety when left alone for some time. They also don’t like unwanted noises or pranks. They like to gather all the attention themselves. And thus, wouldn’t want you to get a competitor. These possessive traits make them a big NO when it comes to households with small children. But if you don’t have children, there should be no problem in having these sweet and energetic partners.

6. Require Discipline

Chiweenie Puppies

As established, Chiweenie can get stubborn from time to time. This is why you have to be authoritative and make sure that they follow their training patterns. A Chiweenie dog has a loud voice and can get annoyed pretty quickly. This is why they don’t get along well with strangers. If you have a Chiweenie puppy or are looking to have one, you should know one thing that training them will require sincere discipline. You will have to make them open to social gatherings and kids. Chiweenie puppies are quite intelligent and can memorize commands, before you know. That is why you should train them from the early stage.

7. Strenuous Activities

Chiweenie dogs are highly playful and energetic. Their small size allows them to be packed with energy all the time. They sleep less and play more, as compared to the other dog breeds. So, if you have a Chiweenie dog, what you should do is carefully plan its exercise routines. And make sure that it doesn’t get too lazy. You could start the day with some hiking or a little play in the park. Whatever the case, just make sure that you spend an hour of your day making him run and play. Not being able to do such will allow him to get stubborn and develop unwanted habits, like barking and nipping.

8. Barking Potential

They don’t look that much of a deal. But a Chiweenie dog is very vocal. They like to communicate their objections by barking extensively. You could even develop some meanings from the way they bark. You may think that they’ll only use it for protection purposes. But no, they’ll start barking as soon as they get bored. Or when they want you to do something with them. They’re not too good as watchdogs. But this barking potential specifically helps them alert their owners. They’re excessively wary of strangers and can get afraid of the slightest of trouble.


With every fact that we’ve established, it’s pretty clear that Chiweenie is the ideal pet if you’re a single or committed bachelor living in an apartment or condo. They like to explore things. If you’re a travel fanatic, you’ll love to have them as your go-to companions. However, if you’ve just started a family and want to complete it with the ideal dog, then a Chiweenie puppy may not be the best, dogs have to offer. They can be a huge mess for someone, who hasn’t dealt with pets before.

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