Do you like having hairy dogs at home? Pets are just the cutest thing you can surround yourself with, and this is why you must now start thinking of having the fluffy french bulldog at home. These dogs have risen greatly in popularity in the recent ten years. 

Only a few years ago, they were ranked as the most registered dog breeds. They are known for their adorable flat face, pug tails, short stature, and short hair. But did you know that the French Bulldogs may have long hair as well? 

Complete Guide to find Right Pet for you!

Fluffy French Bulldog

Credit: Danielsfotowelt, Pixabay

Following is a complete guide on these dogs, and you will get to see if they are the right fit to be a part of your family or not. You can find all the information needed to understand any dog better to avoid getting a dog that doesn’t suit your lifestyle or personal liking. 

You will mostly see the fluffy french bulldogs be easy and fun to be around, but still, you must be sure of what you are getting yourself into. 

Read ahead to know more about these dogs and also about the lifestyle they need to sustain.

What is the Fluffy French bulldog?

Fluffy French Bulldog

Credit: Katherina Logvinova, Pinterest

The fluffy Frenchies are the French dogs having long hair. They may also be called the long-haired French bulldogs. People that are familiar with the common short-haired bulldogs won’t believe that long-haired bulldogs exist. Or if they do exist, they aren’t the purebred ones. 

This is mainly because they were originally the cross between English Bulldogs and the local ratter dogs with long hair. This is who they have the long hair trait. 

With the advances in technology, it has now become possible to study the genetic structure of Frenchies. 

What are the different colors of fluffy Frenchie?

Fluffy Frenchies come in many colors, which include strange ones like blue, lilac, or chocolate. These are, of course, a lot more expensive. They come in typical colors such as black, white and fawn, due to such unique colors available to buy in this breed.

Can this dog swim in water?

Fluffy French Bulldog

Credit: PupVine, Pinterest

Because of their very short stature and also their short snouts, fluffy Frenchies may not swim. Their legs are very short, and they will not be able to keep their nostrils out in the air. They would also get tired very easily when trying to paddle. 

Hence if you are taking your Frenchie for a swim, make sure you have an eye on it. 

A fluffy Frenchie bulldog is going to be very affectionate and friendly around you. They will naturally be attracted to you and will make you feel surrounded at all times. They make very great companions and may cheer you up when you are feeling down. 

They also make quite good friends with other dogs; hence you won’t worry about the constant doggy fights. These dogs don’t also bark much and are mostly quiet. They bark very little and often communicate with yaps and other small noises that you learn as you go along. 

And other than this you will also have to keep a check on how much they eat. They are food lovers and don’t know when to stop. Hence you have to watch that they won’t overfeed and fall sick. They also gain a lot of weight because of this, and you will have to take them on an exercise and feed them a very healthy diet. 

Often your fluffy French bulldog may feel moody. They can get sad when they are scolded and may mope around the house when they feel sad. 

What are the prices of fluffy French bulldog?

Breeding the French bulldogs aren’t as easy as they have a lot of special requirements. They need high-quality housing and food to keep them in good health. Any Frenchie may cost around 1500 to $3500.

These dogs need a lot more time as you may only breed the dogs you sure will bear longer-haired Frenchie puppies. French bulldogs are growing a lot in popularity and are also ideal companions to have at home. 

They have their special needs and need a lot of attention than the other dogs, and hence this can get bothersome to a few people. But their friendly and quirky personalities make them the perfect house dogs, and many Frenchie owners agree that these dogs are worth all the fuss they make. 

These long-haired French bulldogs came because of the genetic variation. A few dog genetic testing companies state that the long-coated French bulldog has a Fibroblast growth factor 5. It is the gene responsible for expressing the two gene codes known as short hair and long hair. 

When you are set to buy your first fluffy Frenchies pair, you must know that many kinds of breeders are out there. Some are honest, and some are not. Hence you must be searching for the best and most honest reputable breeders so that you don’t get scammed. 

You will have to take extra care of this dog, but they are worth it all as they will add so much fun into your life and will make you feel surrounded and jolly at all times. 

So as you are seeing many people love this dog, are you thinking of bringing one home for yourself? This dog will be the right investment you make, and you will see many fun times with it. You can find the color that you think is a good one to suit your taste with this dog. 

These dogs will make your life fun and will also empower you in being happy and jolly. Taking care of a pet lessens your anxiety and stress; hence you are all set to combat your mental issues and enjoy your life out with these furry friends. 

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