What happens when you cross two distantly related shepherd breeds together? You guessed it; you’d get a cross between an energetic herding dog and a highly cerebral watchdog.

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is gotten from a crossbreed between the breeds Australian Shepherd and German shepherd. The two breeds that combine to make this mix are classified as working dog breeds. 

This delightful mix is also sometimes referred to as the German shepherd Australian shepherd mix. They’re known for their affectionate, happy persona, and are quite versatile family dogs that love spending time with their owners and thrive when they’re not far away from their owners.

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is a very affectionate pet that has lots of energy and are also quite intelligent. These are dynamic dogs that make great watchdogs for families and are highly desirable companions in a lot of scenarios.

The Unique thing about dogs that are gotten from crossbreeding two different dog mixes is their ability to inherit distinct qualities and traits from their two parent breeds. They inherit both positive and negative traits of their parents, though they tend to acquire more of the positive traits.

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is quite similar to the German Shepherd in terms of how it looks, and just like its breed parent, this mix is also quite the lovely companion in different life scenarios. These dogs might seem detached from a distance but this look is often quite deceptive. They’re usually quite engaged, constantly on the lookout to protect their owners and alert them to any dangers they sense.

Australian Shepherd German shepherd Mix Description and Features

german shepherd australian shepherd mix

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The German Australian Shepherd is classified as a large sized dog breed that is a great guard dog. These dogs are quite intelligent too and are loyal to their owner and his family, so much so that they do not mind laying their lives on the line to protect their owner.

The breed, just like its German shepherd and Australian Shepherd parent breeds, was designed to be a working dog, and as such they’re at their best when they live in an environment or household where lots of activities take place.

These dogs have a lot of energy in them by nature and require attention and activities that will help in burning their endless energy a bit. Due to their high energy level and need to consistently be involved in an activity, this breed is not suitable for households that neglect their dogs. 

Without the maintenance that it requires, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix tends to get irritable and aggressive when they’re left unattended to for long stretches. When they’re well attended to and they get the attention they need, this breed is an excellent guard dog.

They usually weigh between 46 to 65 pounds, are 20 to 23 inches tall, and have three distinct coat types namely; medium-length, straight and dense coats.

The high intelligence of this dog breed makes them highly trainable and they can be trained to become therapy and service dogs. Training this mix also isn’t a complicated venture because of their high intelligence.

In terms of appearance, this breed has an athletic body with the right proportions. The tail of this mix is plumed and fluffy and comes in both long and short tail lengths.


german shepherd australian shepherd mix

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The Australian shepherd German shepherd mix gets its qualities from its parent breeds the Australian Shepherd and the German shepherd. The two breeds that were crossed to make this dog mix are working dogs designed to work long hours on the farm and ranches, and so they have nearly unlimited energy in them.

German Shepherd Australian shepherd mix inherits this boundless energy from both parents, and as such they thrive best when they live in a place where they get lots of physical activity, giving the intelligent dog a real sense of purpose.

German Shepherds are one of the most loyal dog breeds ever, and they form a deep bond with their owner. Though they don’t easily give their emotions to a person, they let the person approaching them earn their trust. Once these dogs do create a bond, it goes quite deep.

The best way to keep an Australian shepherd German shepherd mix dog happy is to provide them lots of training and attention from the beginning. They also need lots of exercise and mental stimulation to be at their best. 

As a pet owner that owns the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix, you need to devote some time to caring for your dog and ensuring it is in the right frame of mind at all times. These aren’t dogs that are content to sleep for long stretches and just sit idly by while time goes by.


german shepherd australian shepherd mix

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Dog mixes that are a crossbreed of two different dog breeds tend to inherit health conditions and tendencies from their parent breeds. To determine what health conditions this breed likely suffers from, one can look at the health conditions that bother one or both breed parents. 

One of this mix’s parent breeds, the German shepherd are known to be generally healthy dogs that do suffer some health conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia and myelopathy. 

Australian shepherd on the other hand are also generally healthy and only suffer a few conditions like elbow and hip dysplasia, epilepsy and more. Both Australian shepherd and German shepherd dogs are athletic dogs, and as a result the Australian shepherds German shepherd are also quite athletic

Australian shepherd German shepherd dog mix tends to suffer from Hip and elbow dysplasia, hemophilia, epilepsy and collie eye anomaly. These health conditions can of course be forestalled with regular visits to the Vet’s for checkup.

This mix lives for about 9 to 13 years


The German shepherd Australian Shepherd mix tends to shed quite a lot all year, and so brushing is an important part of grooming them. This is to remove the shed hairs and also to deepen the bond between dog and owner. This dog mix should be brushed two to four times a week to keep them looking good.

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is a loving, loyal and protective watchdog and family dog. They’re quite intelligent and trainable. These dogs require lots of physical activity to stay happy and are generally healthy when well kept. They live for 9 to 13 years usually.

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