Are you looking for a furry friend at home? Then, why not get the golden retriever corgi mix. This dog breed is the most fun-loving and silly dog that will make your household fun and energetic. But being a new pet owner, there are many other things that you must know as well.

Through this review, we will go through the many facts of this dog breed to know what you are paying your money on. So let us get started with the introduction and then move into this dog breed’s personality and physical traits. 

What is a golden retriever corgi mix?

golden retriever corgi mix

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A golden retriever corgi mix is a cross in a golden retriever and the Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi. They are also known as the Golden Corgi and are called Hybrid. As both parent breeds are working dogs, this Hybrid was not bred to be kept as a hunter or herder. Instead, they were bred to make an ideal companion. 

These pups are very friendly and are playful and will also melt your heart with their very cuddly lap dog abilities. However, remember that they are high maintenance and quite demanding as they come from the working dog’s parents’ breeds. 

Their appearance is a long-bodied, short Golden retriever. Others might also be taller and built like Golden but still have that foxy face of the Corgi. This dog breed is a quite rare one. 

How will my golden retriever corgi mix look like?

The breed is a mix of Golden Retriever and Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and hence any combination of traits from both breeds is expected. For example, your mix might have a short body and elongated back like a Corgi with floppy ears and a large black nose that of a Golden Retriever. 

In other cases, you may also have a dog with retrievers build and the Corgis pointy ears and broad muzzle. Both ways, you will get a dog with and will be a great runner. They may have light or darker eyes but will always have a big built-in smile. 

What are different coat colors that I can get in a golden retriever corgi mix?

Gold is the most common and highly desirable color for this mix. The golden shade may appear in a lot of shades, from light yellow to that deeper ginger color. A few other colors include tan, fawn, white and red. The colors might be solid or contrast against the white background. Rusty red is a lot rarer but is very beautiful. 

They will come with a thick double coat that can be medium or long and wavy or silky. 

Fun facts for this breed:

golden retriever corgi mix

Credit: CorgiLover, Pinterest

–        Nobody can know the origin of the golden retriever corgi mix. It is possible that they came about by accident before intentional breeding. 

–        Both parent breeds are from outdoor dogs, and this mix inst any different 

–        The golden retriever is a very common parent breed for the hybrids; the Golden Lab and the Golden Doodle are the very well-known. 

–        Retrievers love to go on parties of swimming, and your Hybrid may also get this trait. In addition, swimming is one of their main favorite ways of cooling off on summer days. 

–        The Corgi and Golden are mostly employed as service dogs, but the Hybrid is a lot too high strung for this role. It is better as an emotional supporting animal or a therapy dog

–        If you are living on a farm, then your dog has all the perfect outlet for its herding instincts 

Should I keep a golden retriever corgi mix as a family dog?

They make the perfect family dogs and are very energetic around kids. They will soon become your kid’s favorite thing to play with. With all of their energy, they will have everybody in the family off their seats to have some fun. These pups may be great fun, but they are also a lot of work. The mix of two high-energy dogs makes them ever high maintain dogs. 

A golden retriever corgi mix is a very endearing little friend to be with. Owners will have to be as active as their dog, and hence they will need to look for ways to stay in touch and keep the dog entertained the whole day. Grooming may also be one chore. The decision to get this dog isn’t one to take lightly, but your pup will show their appreciation for the efforts you make. 

What are some exercise needs of this dog?

golden retriever corgi mix

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These are high-energy dogs that need at least an hour of exercise every day, but many will want more. These dogs are a lot too rambunctious to be cooped up indoors. They will require their own space to enjoy the outdoors and run and jump until their heart is fully content. 

Fetch is one of the main games, but they will also enjoy the games of tag or race around the yard. If you do your own livestock, you will get their herding abilities handy as well. Your dog must be kept over a leach while it is outside due to the high prey instinct. You should get your dog on 1 to 2 walks every day. And you should make sure your dog is getting over 60 minutes of exercise daily. 

What are some of the grooming and shedding needs?

Their grooming needs will be based on their specific coat type. For example, medium-length coats may only shed moderately, but the long coats will create a full hairy mess. Either way, you will have to brush them at least two times a week. 

During the spring and fall months, your dog will have a blowout, and you will have to keep brushing them daily at this time. Trim nails once or two times a month and make sure you keep up with their dental hygiene. Both these dog breeds need to get their teeth brushed two times a week at least. 

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