if you are thinking to get a golden retriever pitbull mix as a pet then you must get your eyes on the following information that will help you understand this breed better. this dog is a very uncommon hybrid in the Golden Retriever and the American Pitbull Terrier. The end result is a confident and very sweet-natured digit having fierce devotion to its friends. 

But taking care of them needs a lot of hard work and dedication. If you are ready for doing all of this hard work then you should be prepared to meet one of the best friends you will ever get. 

It is one of the most uncommon breeds around and also very little is known about them. It is affected by the    negative reputation of the pitbull and also the other bully breeds, the breeds have a very genetic wildcard temperament. If you are in search of this breed then you should get yourself prepared for both the Golden Retriever and the Pitbull. 

What is the height and weight of the golden retriever pit bull mix?

golden retriever pitbull mix

Credit: Vanessa Rivera, Pinterest

Males in this breed stand anywhere in 18-24 inches tall having females standing 17-22 inches tall. You may expect them to weigh anywhere in 30-75 pounds. the physical traits of these dogs involve their many-colored coats. They may be solid gold or a mix of darker colors against the white base. Your     mix might be solid, bi-colored, or even tri-colored. This breed may be single or double-coated with the    fur of just about any length. 

What does a golden retriever pitbull mix?

It is hard to nail down what this fog may look like as they may vary. They may be any color that the Golden or Pitbull comes in or any of the combinations also including the    mix of these three colors. you will most probably see golden, black, brown, yellow, white, or a mix of these. The coat may be long, medium or shot, straight, wavy, and may even have curls. It is usually thin, fine but not always. 

It may help to head to some online sources and look for the images of Golden Retriever Pitbull mixes to see what you may be in for you if you choose to bring one of them home. 

Full-grown dogs of this breed are around 17 to 24 inches at the    shoulder and 0 to 75 pounds. Females are a bit smaller than males most of the time but this won’t always be the case. It may help to look at the parents of this puppy to get an idea of the size and their colors but even then you may never be sure. 

Is this dog a friendly one?

golden retriever pitbull mix

Credit: Vanessa Rivera, Pinterest

Just as the appearance of these dogs may vary, the golden retriever pitbull mix may have a different personality as well. Still, you may make some generalizations of how they will behave. In general, this is a devoted, loyal, and family-friendly dog that is happy watching and playing with your little kids. Of course, you will have to teach both the kids and the puppy on how to play politely with all others. 

A few of them are also wary of strangers but are also very friendly and social. Imagine how a golden approaches the world ready to mingle. Golden retriever pitbull mixes are mostly similar. 

Almost universally, this is the dog that doesn’t like being left alone. They like to be a part of the group, after all, both of their parents are bred to work along with humans and that is where they wish to be. 

This means that they are able to develop separation anxiety if they are not trained the right way. this may lead to chewing, digging, and barking. You will want to practice teaching these dogs to be okay along with it when you are leaving the house. the ideal way to do this is to leave very calmly and give them the treat before you are heading out. this teaches them that leaving is just an okay thing. When you return, act calm and then like it is no big deal, but you shouldn’t give them a full treat this time. 

How to take care of your golden retriever pitbull mix?

Grooming will greatly depend on the kind of coat that your     dog has. Long-haired and double-coated dogs need a lot more grooming than short or medium or single-coated dogs. The first must be brushed daily, while you may wait for every 3 to 4 days for shorter or medium, or even single-coated dogs. These dogs are super clean and they don’t need constant baths. Giving them one every 2 months is okay. That is unless they get dirty. Then it is bathtime for sure. Use a dog-specific shampoo that will not irritate your skin. 

Trim the nails every few weeks using a grinder or a clipper. Be careful that you don’t cut the quick. If you may hear your     dog’s nails clattering on your wooden floors, it is time for a trim. Brush the teeth    every now and then using that specific toothpaste. Also, clean their ears whenever you bathe these dogs using an ear cleaning solution. In between cleanings, be sure that you check your dog’s ears for any kind of redness or unusual smells. 

How to get a golden retriever pit bull mix?

If you pick to bring a puppy home, expect to pay over $2,500. You have to ask for any health certifications and also the registrations for the parents. You must ask to visit the parents to have them checked out. you are also always able to search for the dogs near you or travel to any breeder to pick your dog up. Be sure to do your research before you are buying your first puppy. Go watch for breeders that won’t let you meet the parents or that seem more concerned about getting paid than the health of puppies. 

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