Pet lovers want to mix breeds as it brings out attractive and appealing dogs. So when you mix Bulldog and husky, then you will get Buskdoggy (Bulldog Husky mix) as a cross-breeding. It is easy to say that cross-breeding of dogs is attractive, but do you ever think about other facts like the husky bulldog mix is a good choice? For example, how does it look, and what are its diseases or health issues?

So here, you will get all the answers regarding the Husky bulldog mix and clear all your thoughts.

What is the Husky Bulldog mix?

Husky Bulldog Mix

Husky Bulldog mix also refers to as the Buskydog who are family dogs. Husky and Bulldog are two different breeds of dogs, but they are easy to cross-breed. Its cross-breeding is standard and turned out to be a friendly dog.

You may find them stubborn initially, but with your training and practice, it will be fine. Keep in mind that a bred pet may have a high risk of diseases inherited from parents; it’s better to ensure their parents’ health before breeding. However, they also have some personality quirks that don’t come from the genes of their parents.

Facts About the Husky Bulldog Mix

Bulldog is one of the famous dogs worldwide due to their strong jaw power. On the other hand, huskies are famous due to their metabolism changing capacity.

So let’s discuss some fun facts about the husky bulldog mix breed in detail.

The appearance of Husky Bulldog Mix

Huskies have a thicker coat with an undercoat. They have thicker skin than all other dog breeds, including Bulldogs. At the same time, the Bulldogs have short flat coats.

Huskies are twenty-four inches tall with a varying weight between thirty-five to sixty pounds, along with a long nose and big ears. Bulldogs have loose skin, broad shoulders, and a wide head. They weigh around fifty to fifty-five pounds and fourteen or fifteen inches tall.

So both huskies and bulldogs are different in their appearance or physical characteristics. The mixed-breed dog has a random assortment from their genetic parents. Some Husky Bulldog mix dogs look-alike the huskies, and some like Bulldog. However, some mix dogs evenly, similar to both parents.

The temperament ofs Husky Bulldog Mix

According to research and real-life facts, Bulldog is a kind, brave dog. But sometimes bulldogs are aggressive at other dogs, stubborn and impatient. Beyond all, these bulldogs are cooperative and intelligent dogs. They are excellent protective dogs than other dog breeds.

Husky dogs are known as escape artists rather than their barks. If you train them with family, then they are friendly and gentle. In general Husky dogs are highly energetic, destructive, intelligent, outgoing, social, and playful.

Now moving towards husky bulldog mix dogs, they can get the temperament trait from any parent. Mixed dogs are clever and intelligent as both parents are intelligent.

Do Husky Bulldog Mixes are Family Dogs?

Husky Bulldog Mix

Husky Bulldog mix dogs are friendly, alert, and affectionate. They can be excellent family dogs after training as these dogs are genetically friendly. But, unfortunately, they have a short lifespan ranging between three months to six years due to some health issues that we will discuss later.

However, they are friendly dogs, so your child may get upset after losing them. Their health issues may also prevent you from adopting them.

Husky Bulldog mix training

If you want Husky Bulldog mix as your pet, then ensure that you train them at home. It helps you to prevent house accidents in the future.

If you bring one from any other place, the dog may feel separation anxiety or adapt to the environment. So ensure that you plan a training session for Husky Bulldog. It helps them to get incorporated with the climate and quickly adopt it. Exercise is one of the primary parts of training your dog.

Moreover, Husky Bulldog requires four minutes of training regularly for better health and mood. You may find them stubborn, but the treats during exercise are a must for the dog.

Remember that Husky Bulldog can overheat, so if you feel their increased body temperature, place an ice pack or cool water near them. It will help in reducing their blood flow, and their body temperature will get normal.

The health of Husky bulldog mix

Husky bulldog mix has some common health problems that can shorten their lifespan.

One of the most common health issues in Husky bulldog mix bread is cataracts in 10% of cross-breed dogs.

Hip and elbow dysplasia is a significant health issue that affects their health badly. It can lead to some severe changes in dog hip joints and can only be detected with X-rays.

According to the husky bulldog mix survey, more than a hundred bulldogs are dead between three months to six years.

Moreover, bulldogs are prone to respiratory issues due to their skull physical appearance.  So they have major respiratory problems that can lead to their death.

Bulldogs and Husk dogs have overheated body issues that may appear in the mixed bread. So it would help if you kept them calm to prevent related health issues like fever, low blood circulation in arteries, and many more.

Mixed dog breeds are not swimmers, so they can not survive in deep water, but they still love to enjoy the water hose. Remember that water is not chilled, but it’s ok to have cold water.


So by summing up the above discussion, it is clear that huskies and bulldogs are the strongest dogs to cross-breed. Husky bulldogs mix are attractive, cute, fun and friendly dogs. They are loyal, protective, friendly with kids, playful, fun, and lovely. However, bred dogs have a health issue that shortens their lifespan. Their short lifespan may restrict you from adopting a cross-breed dog. Of course, you can rescue the old husky bulldog mix as the last chance for their survival, but it’s up to their luck.

We hope this article helps you understand all about the Husky Bulldog mix dogs and their related facts.

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