The Husky Poodle mix is known as Huskypoo and it is a very unique dog breed, one of the rarest breeds in the world. It is a functional hybrid that is a cross between the Siberian husky and the Poodle.  

A Huskypoo is the combination of the energetic and loyal nature of the Siberian husky and the high intelligence of the Poodle. This breed is an adorable one that’s highly desirable as it comes from two highly energetic and intelligent breeds.

The Huskypoo mix is a new breed that is strong, energetic and intelligent. Its heritage comes from its two parent breeds; the designer poodle that is attractive and cerebral that is popular for its expensive look and the Siberian husky that’s a large dog that was created to work in really cold climates which is why it has such thick fur.

Huskypoo gets its trait from both parents; it is a resilient dog that is highly intelligent and strong which might make handling them difficult for inexperienced dog owners.

This dog breed has many nicknames; Poosky, Huskapoo, Siberpoo, Huskypoo. The cross between the Poodle and the Husky makes the Huskypoo non-shedding as the shedding tendency of the Husky is neutralized by the Poodle’s non-shedding.

History of the Huskypoo Breed


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The Huskypoo mix is a new breed whose precise reason for breeding and existence isn’t well known. To get an understanding of this relatively unknown breed’s heritage, one only needs to look at the history and traits of the Siberian husky and the Poodle.

The Husky originated from North-East Asia and was first linked to the Chukchi people who are semi-nomadic. These dogs had a high level of endurance and thick protective coats that allowed them pull sledges and other heavy objects in freezing temperatures. 

The first Siberian Huskies were isolated from people and other dogs for a long time before they were introduced to other parts of the world. This level of isolation enabled them keep their breed pure for years. 

Though these dogs earned their reputation as loyal hardworking dogs, they also make great companions that have lots of energy and love in them. Huskies tend to be very friendly by nature, which is exactly what several humans want in their pets. These dogs do have a lot of fur and they shed quite a bit of it regularly.

The second breed, the Poodle is known as the French dog even though its actual origin is Germany. This dog was bred for hunting ducks and they evolved into great water retriever dogs over time.

Poodles are excellent swimmers that are quite intelligent, both of which are traits that make them highly desirable to humans as pets. The most desirable quality of this breed is their fur that is non-shedding and also hypoallergenic. This makes the perfect breed for owners that don’t want to fuss over cleaning up after their dog’s fur.

The Huskydoodle mix is similar to other cross breeds in the sense that they inherit their traits from breed parents with some variations here and there, most notably in individual dogs’ persona and appearance.

Huskypoo Personality and Traits


This dog mix is a highly alert one with lots of energy and is highly alert to its surroundings. Their high energy level makes them require lots of physical activities and attention of their owners to keep them in check. 

Siberpoos need to be stimulated mentally and need lots of activities to function optimally. They’re not the ideal breed for a negligent owner, or one that cannot provide them the kind of lifestyle they need.

Even though Huskydoodles have varying physical qualities depending on parents, they do share some frequently occurring traits like a shaggy look from their thick layers of hair, curly hair that’s varyingly non-shedding and hypoallergenic.

The color of the Poosky’s coat varies wildly as well; their coat color depends largely on their parents and heritage.  Dogs that belong to this breed are usually 13 to 22 inches tall. They are classified as medium to large sized dogs because they weigh between 45 to 60 pounds.

The temperament of the Huskydoodle is cool; they are smart and affectionate dogs that are easy to train and enjoy pleasing their owners. These dogs enjoy being around humans both their owners and strangers.

Pooskys have a high energy level with which they can get mischievous and stubborn. Like other dog breeds that have high energy levels, Pooskys tend to get destructive when they do not have sufficient amounts of exercise.

Siberpoos love outdoor activities where their boundless energy is put to good use. They are highly trainable for activities like this and thrive in outdoor settings.

Health and Care Tips

The parents of the Huskydoodle are both generally healthy dogs. As a crossbreed, this means Huskydoodles themselves are generally healthy as they inherit their health traits from their parent breeds.  Some of the health conditions that Huskydoodles are known to suffer are elbow and hip displacement, anxiety, allergies and patellar luxation.

The most important element of caring for Siberpoos is having sufficient amount of time to do so. Caring for them is quite simple once you create time to do so. Their boundless energy means they need to walk as much as possible to get sufficient exercise.

Siberpoos also need to be stimulated frequently and they only thrive when they have sufficient interaction with their owners.

Pooskys live for 10 to 14 years when they are well taken care of. They need regular vet checkups and a healthy, active lifestyle to keep health issues away. They’re prone to allergies that results in nasal irritation.

When they don’t get enough exercise, the Huskydoodle tends to gain weight

The Huskydoodle is a fascinating dog breed that is highly intelligent and alert. They are companion dogs that need lots of exercise and companionship to thrive. Siberpoos live for 10 to 14 years, and are generally healthy in the hands of a caring owner.

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