Are you looking for a friendly dog? Or a canine companion who is a lively pet too? Well, then you might like this unique breed of beagles, especially because of their tan-yellow coat. Lemon beagles have all the loveable traits of a dog but are specifically identified due to this lemon color variation.

If you are interested in these cute lemon dogs, then this list is a treat for you!

What is a lemon beagle?

lemon beagle

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Beagles are active and amazing dogs. They have this hound look that grabs everyone’s attention. They are hunting dogs. But, their nose does the real work. Lemon Beagles have this strong sense of smell, and new odours always make them the happiest. 

Origin of lemon beagles 

We don’t know when lemon beagles were identified as a separate breed. But their ancestors are from England. During the war times, they were used for hunting rabbits and foxes. They were small in size and easily kept up with on foot, so the generation continued.

Breed facts

  • The size of lemon beagles ranges from 13-16 inches.
  • Weight ranges from 20-24 pounds usually.
  • They have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Lemon beagle puppies 

When these dogs are born, they are mostly white. With time their tan, yellow spots darken, and they appear as two-toned. Beagles can’t have a solid color since they don’t have a gene for it.

Are they rare?

They are rare to find because of their lemon and white coat. Other than this, they are just like other beagles. They have this color variation due to a recessive gene mutation; that’s why they are rare.

Variety of beagles 

There are eleven recognized colors for a beagle. But all the colors exist as two-toned. Therefore, beagles have a larger variety due to color classifications.

How to recognize a lemon beagle?

lemon beagle

Credit: Talk to Dogs, Pinterest

  • They are not difficult to identify. 
  • They have long droopy ears.
  • They have this airy tail they keep on wagging happily.
  • They have a darker noses.
  • They have large hazel to brown eyes.
  • A lemon beagle is a small-sized breed that has a muscular and hound-like appearance.

The appearance of a lemon beagle 

Since they don’t have a single color, they are colored in different variations and appear so attractive because of them.

  • Yellow and white
  • Tan and white
  • Red and white
  • Orange and white
  • Tri-color 

Purpose of this breed 

Their main function is the hunting of all sorts of rabbits. But, besides hunting, they are also useful because of their smelling sense. That’s why lemon beagles are also used as detector dogs and to maintain safety. 

Strong smelling sense 

Lemon beagles are usually trained to recognize 50 different smells. As a result, some people refer to them as “a nose with feet.”

Their long ears block side air and catch scent particles and keep them close to their nose so they can specifically smell them.

Lemon beagle manners

They are friendly, kind, happy, and loyal dogs. However, they have instinctual behavior of howling, and they aren’t the ones to bark a lot. Beagles have an adorable temper overall but are quite destructive when left alone for long. They start walking because of separation anxiety.

They are emotionally very expressive too.

General health issues

Lemon beagles are a healthy breed and usually have some health issues as other colored beagles. The age according to different factors like nutrition, exercise, and environment.

They have hunting traits, so they 

Patellar Luxation is a painful health situation that often affects this breed and causes lameness in them. But taking care of these dogs is easy, like little exercises and taking them on long walks.

Curious and social nature 

Lemon beagles are unique because they have curious minds that seek adventure, and they are always looking for ways to escape and wander independently. That’s why it’s recommended not to leave them off the leash.

They are likable and have friendly nature, so they get along well with families too. They are gentle, so they are good family pets. So focusing on their socialization training is a good thing. 

Nutrition guide 

  • Daily calorie consumption: 600-700 calories
  • Kibble Cups per day: 2

Lemon Beagles love to eat and search for food, so they are mostly found looking into garbage cans or kitchens for edible things. Just like other dogs. They need a high protein diet with vitamins as well.

A dried kibbled diet is usually recommended.

Exercise guide

Beagles are usually very active and healthy, and taking them on walks and runs makes them the happiest.

Training a lemon beagle

This is an intelligent breed. They usually do not depend on anyone, so in their early training sessions, they should be taught that humans are the pack leader; otherwise, it might cause issues. They don’t stay interested in anything for long and are easily distracted. 

They are sociable and become happy on introducing to new people. However, they don’t like being left alone and are always wanting attention. 

Price of a lemon beagle

The lemon colored beagle is a rarer breed. This color coat is uncommon in dogs, so they demand a good amount of money too. Their price varies from $500- $1,500 depending on their size, weight, and health. 

Why are beagles so loveable?

lemon beagle

Credit: Talk to Dogs, Pinterest

  • They have gentle, kind, and happy natures.
  • They love to socialize, creating different noises.
  • They howl to communicate with their fellows, or whenever they are happy or sad.
  • Their unique appearance and color make them rare.
  • They quickly get attached to you when you care for them.
  • Their long ears make them look so adorable.

Why should you go for a lemon beagle?

Beagles are one of the eight most popular dog breeds. They are loyal companions. The most cooperative hunting dogs. They are the best tracking dogs in the world. They see other animals as friends, so they are suitable for families having children and other pets. Unfortunately, they are not good at guarding your house but will infirm when anyone is at your door.

Going through all these specifications, if you want a dog and you like lemon beagles, then it’s time to get your hands on a lemon beagle!

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