French bulldogs are breeds that have fur available in many colors. Besides the coat colors, Frenchies can also be found in many colors that are rarer such as merle, blue, chocolate, Isabella, or lilac. Due to these colors, these dogs have been on a more selling side for the consumers. That is why we are here to introduce this dog to you all. The lilac French bulldog is also called Isabella and is a very attractive lilac color and has very beautiful eyes. 

What is a lilac French bulldog?

Lilac French Bulldog

Credit: PupTraveller, Pinterest

Isabella has a quite striking lilac hue of its coat. It occurs mainly due to the dilution gene that causes the hair to come out blue. If you asked us to describe its coat colorfully, we would say it is a pale greyish-brown coat. 

This kind of color mostly occurs spontaneously when a dog is a carrier of the recessive gene. The lilac French bulldog will have the genotype body. 

When this dog is born, it may have a coat resembling a blue Frenchie coat. But as it matures, its coat keeps turning light and also a very notable lilac shade. The eyes on this dog are mostly blue, light grey, or amber. Their noses are mostly pale pink or greyish brown and have a very visible pale marking around the mouth and nose. 

Why is lilac French bulldog Expensive?

This kind of dog needs a special way of breeding to escape the potential health risks. That is why this dog is very expensive, and their prices are between 5000$ and 15000$. 

Buying a lilac French bulldog for a small amount is just not recommended. It’s mostly a sign that this dog suffers the genetic diseases that it is at risk of. Hence, when searching for a rare colored Frenchie, we recommend you get it only from the trusted breeders. 

A reputable breeder will ensure that this dog is from his kennel and has been cleared of any potential illnesses. By performing selective breeding and health tests, he becomes fully able to produce a healthy bunch of puppies that will be used for mating in the future. 

How to care a Lilac French bulldog?

Lilac French Bulldog

Credit: PupTraveller, Pinterest

Since these little dogs have pale pinkish skin around the eyes, you must pay attention to take care of it in between the toes. Isabella Frenchies need to wear protective footwear on icy and cold pavements in the winter months. Boost for lilac French bulldog will save your dog from getting frostbites and chemical burns from the winter street salt. 

The boost will be made of a waterproof material that lets this dog walk on the icy floors. They have a warm inner padded layer and an adjustable part of making sure they fit the tiny paws. 

How should I groom my lilac French bulldog?

As we have mentioned before, this dog has a thin coat and highly sensitive skin. Hence there isn’t any need to use hard brushed for the grooming. Gloves show a much better choice as they have soft silicone pads which don’t scratch the skin. 

It is also suitable to clean the light spots on your pet’s body and the peaceful area between the folds. 

Is it easy to feed a lilac French bulldog?

You may have heard that Frenchies are prone to flatulence. Well, one of the reasons for this fact is the flat skull they have. But the other one may be found in picking the bad diet. French bulldog diet plays a huge role in your pet’s life. 

Picking the wrong diet may lead him to suffer from a food allergy. And this food allergy may lead to other health risks and issues that are :

–      Itchy skin 

–      Flatulence

–      Diarrhea

–      Farts

–      Skin infections 

Hence before you pick to feed the pup using a special diet, it is suggested that you ask your breeder and also your vet for advice. 

How will a lilac French bulldog act in my family?

Lilac French Bulldog

Credit: PupTraveller, Pinterest

These dogs are mostly around 11 to 12 inches tall. The female weighs around 16 to 24 pounds, and the males are between 20 to 28 pounds. They are very living and smart creatures that are always ready to spend time with people. 

As they are super fun-loving dogs, they are very easy to train, mainly when the training has praise, food rewards, and play. 

This dog won’t need a lot of exercises. They have lower energy levels, and the only thing they need to keep them at a healthy weight is a daily exercise that may include playing around or walking. Even though they love playing, they are prone to get exhausted by heat that keeps you from taking them to hotter areas. The ideal option is to schedule morning and evening hours to walk around so that the temperature is friendlier to them. 

What makes them Unique?

This dog is a unique one and has a short, fine, smooth, and lilac coat. The skin is wrinkled and loose, mainly on the shoulders and head and has a soft texture. They are very easy to groom, and the only thing you need to do is brush them to keep the coat healthy. 

Grooming must start early in their years. You must keep on checking for their health and check for flaky skin, bare spots, scabs, and signs of infections. You should check their eyes, ears, teeth for discharge of bad smell. And always consult a vet for any of these issues. 

You must clean their ears and use a damp, warm cloth for this. Lilac French bulldog is one of its kind and is highly desired to be kept as a pet. It has those huge expressive eyes, is friendly to kids, and doesn’t also bark much. 

With these amazing traits, this dog is super in demand. But it would help if you kept searching for it until you get lucky to get one.

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