French bulldogs are the most interesting breeds that you may find out there. This is mainly because of the different colors that come in. The merle French bulldog is a rare colored French bulldog. 

If you have ever seen these unique patterns coat pooches, you will surely have a second glance. Their look is very charming and is super adorable. Aside from being rare, these dogs have many other important features and characteristics. 

Today, we will answer all of these questions that will let you have a better understanding of the merle French bulldog.

What is a Merle French Bulldog?

Merle French Bulldog

Credit: Scott Spedding, Pexels

A merle French Bulldog is the standard Frenchie because it is small, super friendly, and one of the most loyal pets. What is different about the merle French bulldog is that it is peculiar and has a show-stopping coat.

While many Frenchies have that solid color coat, this dog has the base color with paths or irregular patterned stripes and spots that may consist of many colors. These special patterns are what make the merle Frenchie very easily identifiable and highly sought after.

Merle French Bulldog colors?

The merle coat comes from a very dominant gene that becomes diluted by the other genes. When it happens, different merle colors also occur.

– Lilac Merle French Bulldog:

Merle French Bulldog

Credit: TeaCups, Puppies & Boutique, Pinterest

The lilac merle French bulldog has that chocolate brown and a blue base coat color with light-colored eyes. The blue fur is layered, which reveals the lilac color. It is the most uncommon of a merle Frenchie breed and may cost you around $30,000.

– Black Merle French Bulldog:

Merle French Bulldog

Credit: Le Pepite LLC, Pinterest

A black merle is created when the dominant gene is black, and is eventually, other colors show up. These colors are mostly black, fawn, or tan.

– Blue merle:

Golden Retriever Corgi Mix

Credit: Bored Panda, Pinterest

The blue merle French bulldog is mostly called the blue gene breed. However, it is a light black coat that appears to be blue. 

The neat thing about these blue merles is that they have those bright blue eyes in their life and also maintain the light colored eye than the regular Frenchie.

If I have a merle French bulldog, will it have issues as well?

French bulldogs are known to be highly prone to many medical issues. As we have mentioned above, these dogs are crossbred. This means that the health issues are almost certain, and even more, if two merles are bred. Here are a few complications that you should be aware of?

– Intertrigo: the inflamed skin caused by skin folds rubbing into each other

– Brachycephalic Obstructive Syndrome: difficulties breathing because of the small-sized skull

– Perineal hernia: displaced pelvic, abdominal organs

– Luxating patella: the dislocated patella

– Atopic Dermatitis: an allergy to the environmental substance

– Epilepsy: recording seizures

If I am buying a merle french bulldog, what are the few things I must keep in mind?

French bulldogs are a highly popular pet because of their laid-back look, cuddly personality, and ability to go along well with other humans and pets. They are the ideal family dogs and live greatly in small or bigger spaces. 

As merle Frenchies are also very rare, they are not so easy to find, and they come in with a huge price tag when you do.

Where to find a Merle French Bulldog?

As breeding merle French bulldogs is not an easy task, it isn’t easy to find a breeder. Responsible breeders should find the merle dog and purebred the French bulldog to breed, complete all of the health checks, and ensure that both of these dogs are at least fairly healthy before the breeding happens. 

Then, of course, breeding requires time and money. With this, finding the merle French dogs is also not that easy.

It will need research to look for the reputable merle french bulldog breeders, and also, when you may find one, they may have homes lined up for puppies. Because of all of this, you will most probably want to start looking into the options well before you’re ready to ring the new furry friend home.

How much does a blue French merle bulldog or simple merle dog cost?

A merle french bulldog is very remarkable. When you think of the time and money it takes to breed the Frenchie, their popularity, and how hard the merles are to come by, the high price isn’t this strikingly shocking. The standard french bulldog may already cost a couple of thousand dollars, and a merle is also more at several thousand. 

When you are getting a pet, it is also important to consider additional costs, including toys, beds, food, leashes and shampoo, and pet insurance. Some of these only require to be purchased occasionally, and also because these dogs are small, their needs will exhaust you compared to the needs of a bigger dog.

Grooming for a merle french bulldog?

Merles don’t shed that much, but regularly brushing may minimize their shedding and keep them clean in between the paths by ridding them of excess dirt. Since these Frenchies should not spend a lot of time outdoors because of their breathing issues, a bath every few months is just enough. 

It is also important to keep their skin folds and the ears super clean to not fall into any infection. You may do this by using the wipe or a clean, wet wag before you dry it thoroughly. 

These dogs are also ideal pets because they don’t need that much exercise that makes them ideal pets. Having only two short walks is ideally fine. These dogs are highly stubborn; hence, you should be patient with them when training. They do like to appease their owners and also love the treats in return. 

So based on all of these cool facts, are you thinking of bringing a merle French bulldog home?

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