Nearly everyone, dog lover or not, is familiar with the German shepherd which is undeniably one of the most well-known and identifiable dog breeds in the world. German shepherds are highly versatile and are used by the military and other law enforcement agencies due to their quick-learning ability and intelligence. 

The miniature German Shepherd is exactly like its bigger sibling, except it comes in a smaller size than the regular German shepherd though they share the same traits and temperaments. Mini German shepherds are still highly intelligent dogs that are easy to train and are athletic and alert as well.

Also like their bigger siblings, mini German shepherds need lots of attention and mental stimulation to keep them occupied and keep their destructive tendency at bay.Miniature German shepherds were bred for owners who want a dog that has the same capacity and drive as the regular German Shepherd but smaller than the regular German shepherd.

This dog breed is a cross between a German shepherd and a miniature Poodle or a Collie. Though they’re similar to German shepherds in terms of temperament, Mini German shepherds are not an exact copy of their larger siblings’ appearance.

The mini German shepherd has lots of nicknames, including; Mini German shepherd, Miniature GSD, Mini GSD, Mini Shepherd, German Shepherd Poodle mix, small German shepherd, and more.

History of the Mini German shepherd

The miniature German shepherd is far from just a smaller sized German shepherd; it is a mixed breed or crossed breed dog that differs from the purebred German shepherd. The purebred German shepherd can only be found in a size that’s similar to the mini German shepherd when the purebred German shepherd suffers a condition known as dwarfism.

Characteristics and Traits of the mini German shepherd

Mini German shepherds are designer dogs that are the result of cross-breeding pure German shepherds and a dog that’s much smaller in size usually a Poodle or Collie.

The Mini German shepherd comes as a result of this crossbreed and is a playful and versatile breed that is good family pets and great companions. This breed is also quite energetic and is great for the family because it is an affectionate breed that’s also quite protective.

Like other mixed breeds, the physical qualities of the mini German shepherd are difficult to predict because they vary according to the genes inherited from the parent breeds. 

Miniature German Shepherds come in a wide array of colors that depends on the parent mix, though they usually retain the look of the original German shepherd and inherit its work ethic and admirable intelligence. 

Their coats can come in Tan, white, fawn or Black. They are extremely loyal pets that have a calm loving temperament especially when they’re well socialized and trained.

Mini German shepherds, like their bigger siblings, are very loyal, caring and very protective. They also enjoy company and prefer an active lifestyle where their high energy level can be put to good use.

This breed’s small size belies its fierce watchdog mentality. Despite its cute looks, they can be quite dangerous when they’re not adequately trained and interacted with.

Temperament of the Miniature German shepherd

mini german shepherd

Credit: All Things Dogs, Pinterest

The temperament of the mini German shepherd closely mirrors that of the German shepherd, and it is an athletic and alert dog that thrives with lots of physical and mental stimulation. 

They’re also highly energetic, and quite mischievous when bored because they are accustomed to working hard and love having a sense of purpose. They love being challenged and enjoy having challenges as part of their activities and play routine.

The miniature German shepherd can be strong-willed and needs training to correct this. They are relaxed around strangers though and guard the family as well as they play with their owners.

Size and Appearance

mini german shepherd

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Mini German shepherd was bred to be a smaller version of the burly German shepherd. They are classified as small-sized dogs as a result and are usually about 15 to 20 inches tall, and weigh about 50 pounds on average. 

Mini German shepherds have brown eyes with a medium length coat and thick double coat that has a tendency to shed a lot. The color of this breed’s coat varies between Silver, White, Black, Sable, Tan and classic Black.


The mini German shepherd loves being active and enjoys activities like protecting and herding most of all. This instinct comes from their heritage as fantastic herding and working dogs. They do need clearly defined boundaries and reward based training.

Their training should also be aimed at teaching socialization, agility and obedience. These dogs hate to be rebuked and might get aggressive when chastised so this has to be dialed back. The fun these dogs have also has to be gradual, and they need some positivity in their interactions with their owners.

Health Issues of Mini German Shepherd

mini german shepherd

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As a mixed breed, the mini German shepherd inherits its health traits and tendencies from its parent breeds. Though both breeds are generally healthy, they’re known to suffer some health conditions from time to time. 

Some of the health conditions that the mini German shepherd suffers from are;  hip and elbow dysplasia, hemophilia, epilepsy and bloat. Degenerative myelopathy is also common in German shepherds and might occur in some hybrids too.

The mini German shepherd also tends to get obese when they don’t get enough exercise, a condition that’s worsened by their lack of height. They also sometimes suffer from allergies.


Mini German shepherds shed quite a bit. This is because they share a lot of traits with the bigger sized German shepherds. They need to be brushed regularly as a result as excess or dead hair needs to be removed with regular brushing. 

These dogs don’t need baths as frequently though; they only need one when they get super dirty.

The mini German shepherd is a loving family dog that is very intelligent. They are extremely loyal to their owners and are easy to train. They are high-energy dogs that need to be stimulated to keep their destructive tendency at bay.

The miniature German shepherd isn’t just a smaller-sized German shepherd. It is a crossbreed of a German shepherd and a smaller dog.

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