No, parti poodles aren’t party-loving poodles. This is a breed of poodles that is partly white and partly another colour. This other colour can vary from dog to dog. The patches on the coat also vary from one dog to another. It is possible to find parti poodles of all kind, for example, miniature poodle, toy poodle or the standard poodle. 

These poodles are mostly a pure breed, but can also be a mixed breed. All of these dogs have at least 50% white in their coat and the remaining can be any of the following colours

  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Apricot
  • Gray
  • Silver beige

In general, these poodles have a tight curly kind of fur that doesn’t shed much. When these poodles are puppies the colours can mix a lot. But as they start growing up the colour and patterns on their coat become prominent. The final colour is the one that occurs during its adulthood. 

The temperasment of a colourful poodle

Parti Poodle

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These poodles aren’t very different from other poodles. A characteristic of all poodles is high intelligence and an attachment with one particular person. It is not different with these poodles either. 

Poodles are dogs with high-exercising needs and also higher attention needs. A poodle who gets attention and exercises every day is a happy and healthy poodle. Since these dogs were originally bred as work dogs, they have very high energy that will need to be channelized properly. 

Poodles, just like golden retrievers cannot be alone. They require time, attention and love to be happy. If they don’t get these, they often develop anxieties, start barking excessively or constantly pee inside the house. They also get visibly sad. 

If you train your poodle well and teach it to socialize early on in its life, then it can be great with family and friends. Poodles are anyway friendly dogs who are always eager to please. So teaching it to be around people is no big job. 

Finding a parti poodle

Parti Poodle

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Parti poodles aren’t rare and are as easily available as any other poodle. If you find a breeder who breeds poodles, it is highly likely that you will find these spotted poodles too. You can get a parti poodle in various combinations. However, if you a very exact combination in mind, the finding process might be a little longer. 

These poodles can cost you anywhere between $1,500- $3,000. Try finding a good breeder as your dog’s health depends on how well it has been bred. A dog that hasn’t been bred well is bound to have health concerns. So make sure to do your research about the breeder before buying a poodle. 

Grooming your poodle

Most people love to give their poodles unique cuts. So if you want, you can absolutely give your parti poodle a cool trim. The grooming process of your poodle will be the same as any other poodle, but the process may take a little bit longer due to the patterns on its coat. 

For regular home grooming, you have to give your poodle a regular bath, just like any other dog. Since these poodles have a large percentage of white fur, you might have to spend a little bit longer keeping your dog clean. 

Since poodles love going out and playing, their fur gets dirty pretty frequently. So make sure that your poodle doesn’t skip its baths. Use shampoo to clean your dog’s beautiful hair and brush it gently after a bath. If possible, take your dog to a professional groomer every month or two. 

Health complications and the lifespan of a parti poodle 

Parti Poodle

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These poodles don’t have any specific health issues. If you get a standard size parti poodle, then it might be prone to diseases that all big dogs are prone to. However, if your spotted friend is a miniature or a toy poodle, then it will have lesser health complications. It is a general fact that big dogs have more health issues than small dogs. It stands true for these poodles as well.

Again, the lifetime of a spotted poodle depends on the kind of poodle it is. A standard poodle lives for around 13 years, a miniature poodle for 15 years and a toy poodle for 17 years. Small dogs generally have a longer life than bigger dogs.

Are parti poodles the right dog for me?

If you are thinking of buying a spotted little poodle for yourself, you might want to keep a few things in mind. 

These poodles, just like other poodles, are very high maintenance. You will have to spend a substantial amount of money on taking care of your dog. From refilling its shampoo often to taking it for grooming trips, it all costs good money. 

If you want your spotted friend in a standard poodle size, make sure your house is big enough for your dog to move about freely. Big dogs need a lot of space. However, you can always buy a tiny version of your spotted friend if you don’t have that kind of space

Poodles need love and attention. This one is non-negotiable. No matter which poodle you get, you have to give it at least 2 hours every day. This doesn’t include the time you would spend cuddling with your furry friend. But the time you will need to take it out on walks, groom it, feed it etc. 

Since poodles hate being left alone, make sure that you won’t have to leave your dog alone when you go for your job. This will make your puddle anxious and it will start misbehaving. 


Now that you know everything about a spotted poodle, you can decide whether it is the right dog for you or not, All pets need love and attention, and they generally thrive if they are in a loving environment. Dogs love unconditionally, and poodles being intelligent dogs can also be trained according to your needs. So if you get a spotted poodle, get ready for unconditional love and face licks. 

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