Sable German shepherd is seen as stoic, striking creatures that look highly similar to the wolf ancestors. But, does the difference in the color of their fur impact the way they think, act and feel? You will find out a lot about this cool dog breed that had us all in awe with its physique and look-alike of the werewolves. The sable German Shepherd is a unique dog breed different from the German shepherds because of the striking color difference. 

This breed is mainly known to have a gene similar to that found in the wolves. But most people ask many interesting questions about this dog breed. Some of these questions include whether the color of fur in sable makes them act different from the Shepherd dogs?

What Is A Sable German Shepherd?

Sable German Shepherd

Credit: German Shepherd, Pinterest

This dog breed is known as the classic German Shepherd and of a true German Shepherd color. The sable german shepherd has been acknowledged as the quintessential dog as it has a DNA similar to that of a world. But it also has the dominant gene of the German shepherd family. 

The sable is the only color that matches the dog perceived as the first Shepherd dog. The dog may be red or tan with black tops or can have black hair all over the body. This dog may reach over 24 inches in height for females and 26 inches in height for males. 

What does the sable German Sheppard look like?

The sable GSD has mostly black eyes or should have a color that goes well with the dark shade. Unfortunately, the nose color is always black due to a genetic fault, such as with the long-haired sable German Shepherd. 

This dog is mostly used for professional reasons that for shows, their color pattern isn’t much accepted in shows. The fur is banded, which means every hair has more than a single pigment with black tips, so they are called sable. 

Is a black sable German Shepherd rare?

Since the German sable shepherd isn’t a crossbreed but only of a variety of normal German   Shepherd, these dogs have the same temperament. But sable GSDs are mostly not as popular as the GSD colors, making them very expensive than the other GSDs. 

But some species of sable are very rare, the rarest kind being the recessive black. So this dog is mostly wholly black and also has tan or sable genes. 

How is a sable GSD different from the other GSDs?

Sable German Shepherd

Credit: Paul Roger, Pinterest

What makes them different is their pigment. Their color is most similar to a wolf, rather than the individual black or brown spots on the normal GSD. It has a mixture of tan and black colors. 

Each hair is color in multi-shades having brown, white, or silver in the background and tips of black. The gene is mostly responsible for pigmentation and is also seen in wolves. But there isn’t enough evidence that sable GSDs are quite distinct from the black and tan GSDs or, in fact, any other shade. 

Is a German shepherd sable good as a family dog?

The temperament of the sable german shepherd puppies isn’t any different from all other GSDs. They are highly intelligent and learn new commands quite fast. They are super loyal and will stay with you, regardless of what the situation is.

 It means that it is impossible to go to the toilet all by yourself when you have a German   Sheppard around. There isn’t much room in your home that you will enter without having your dog around you. You may not just escape their company, as they always want to be around their owner. 

These dogs are very gentle and have so much love in them, although they have a silly side. They are always ready to work and take everything seriously when needed, but they will play around easily when you are at home. 

Your sable German Shepherd will be the best around kids, but you have to make sure that kids know how to act around these dogs. They are highly patient, but if your child annoys them a lot, they will react. 

What are the health concerns my sable comes with?

Sable German Shepherd

Credit: Stocksy United, Pinterest

The sable GSD is a very strong creature but may also cause some health issues. The common health issue they have is hip dysplasia. It is the abnormal formation of the joint of the ball in the hip and socket. 

As it is their hereditary disease, you can’t do much about it. This disease is quite similar to that in arthritis in humans. So you have to make sure your dog is doing a lot of exercises to prevent this issue. 

Price of sable German shepherd puppy?

When it is the case of having quality German shepherds, there isn’t any cheap one. There are many sellers in the US selling high-quality, trained, sable GSD. These dogs tend to cost around $500 to $1,500 for pets or family dog types. 

For sable GSD, you may pay thousands of dollars. That said, it is fair to say that the sable German   Sheppard costs over a normal German Sheppard. Its high price is because of the exceptional intelligence and also the undoubted loyalty to its owners. 

Some of the very few features that the sable German Sheppard dog possess may match the GSD crossbreed with the Get Dune or Pitbull dog. 

You can look for your first sable German shepherd puppies purchase from authentic breeders or get one for adoption. When you are getting these dogs, make sure you get them from reputable breeders or animal shelters. 

Mostly these dogs get abandoned when they reach the age of six months and are no longer thought of as cute. 

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