The Saint Berdoodle is an exquisite mix-breed between Saint Bernard and the Poodle. It is a friendly family dog, often termed a “designer dog”. Among its other names, Saint Berdoodle is also known as St Berdoodle and St Bernard Poodle. These names, obviously originate from their parent breeds. Saint Berdoodle dogs are a perfect fit for any family, especially with children. They are a social breed, that has the beauty of a St Bernard and the size of a Poodle. This unique blend of characteristics gives them a charming and desirable effect.

1. They’re Big; More Than They Look

Saint Berdoodle

Credit: Lys Dasher, Pinterest

We’ve already established the fact that a St Berdoodle gets its size from the Poodle. But we didn’t discuss is that it is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. The average height of a St Berdoodle is 27 inches. Not to mention that it can weigh up to 160 pounds. St Berdoodle puppies grow rather quickly and before you know, your apartment starts looking like a small space. But even then, they are entirely gentle and harmless. Sometimes, they’ll even try to get into those small places, where they can’t. This ends up making them cuter and more fun-loving.

2. Friendly & Trusting

Saint Berdoodle

Credit: Popular Doodle, Pinterest

This hybrid breed trusts people too easily. This trait makes them highly social. They’ll bond with you, in your first few meet-ups. They are highly easy to groom. And are great to have around kids. So, if you have a complete family and are looking for just the right addition to your spacious house, a St Berdoodle will be just the choice. However, it lacks guarding abilities and is way too friendly around strangers. But if you’re not looking for security, it wouldn’t affect you much.

3. Attracts Attention

Saint Berdoodle dogs are larger than you realize. So, when taking it for a walk, you should prepare yourself for stray eyes and compliments. No one, even a cat person, can ignore such a beautiful dog passing by. This attention often scares some owners as they want complete privacy and do not like to be meddled. However, if you’re a people-loving person and like to get along meeting new friends, then this can be a blessing in disguise for you.

4. Easy to Groom

Not all St Bernard Poodle dogs exhibit the same skin. Some have a dominant St Bernard gene that gives them a double skin coat. These dogs shed moderately. Others have a dominant Poodle gene that makes them hypoallergenic. These dogs hardly shed, thus making them easier to groom.

Regular brushing, however, remains a strong essence. And should not be avoided. Brushing your pet multiple times a week will help remove the debris from its coat and will it more healthy and charming.

5. Can Be Destructive

One con of having St Berdoodle dogs is their destructiveness. As established, these dogs are more social than the rest of the breeds. So, they prefer to always remain in the company of someone. When left alone for a long time, they can get anxious. This will cause them to bark excessively and cause trouble. Due to these destructive traits, St Bernard Poodle is more of a family dog. If you’re living alone in an apartment and have to go to work, you won’t prefer leaving such a breed alone.

6. Low Exercise Requirements

Saint Berdoodle

Credit: Popular Doodle, Pinterest

Saint Berdoodle dogs are quite playful and pleasing. Their high intelligence makes it easy to train them. They can comprehend even the slightest orders. And always try to please their owners. You can easily train them to follow commands and protocols. They are a people personality, so you have to make sure you let them meet new people and animals around them.

A St Berdoodle has a low energy level because of its large size. All you have to do is maintain their walks and allow them to run freely around the park. Thus, coping low exercise requirements for their owners.

7. Gentle & Easy-Going

Saint Berdoodle dogs have a calm nature. In contrast to the other dogs, they don’t go around barking after seeing a stranger. They have a protective nature, but it is well-maintained with their lazy and gentle traits. They are not too energetic and will prefer having a long nap instead of going for a walk. This is when you have to be a little authoritative and take it for at least 45 minutes of exercise, per day. Ignoring its training allows it to stray from its characteristics.

8. Fluffy

These dogs are incredibly fluffy. And even with their large size, they love to sit around your lap and cuddle. This trait makes them an ideal pet for service and therapy purposes. They have a sweet appearance, which when added to their fluffy coat, makes them unavoidable. St Bernard Poodle dogs love to be the center of attention. This is why they don’t go along with competition.

9. A Healthy Hybrid

Saint Berdoodle

Credit: how to train your dog, Pinterest

The best thing about it being a hybrid is that it takes all the best features from both its parent breeds. The St Berdoodle is a healthy dog, that normally lives 9 to 13 years. However, there are some health concerns that both of its parents possess. These may include certain eye defects, degenerative myelopathy, hip, and elbow dysplasia. You have to make sure that your dog steers clear of these issues. For that, make sure that you regularly visit the vet. And keep asking for concerning symptoms.


Saint Berdoodle is an affectionate and friendly pooch, who loves to be around people and gather attention. He’s a moderate shedder that doesn’t need much training. One thing that does concern is its size. You have to make sure that you have a house large enough to accommodate it. Other than that, there’s no reason for doubting the breed. It’s a dream family pet that has all the essentials for people to be fun and playful around it.


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