German shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They come in two types; the long haired German shepherd and the short haired German shepherd. The existence of these two categories has created a blur in what kind of coat the ideal German shepherd should have.

The ideal German shepherd should have a coat that’s of medium length rather a long length. The short-haired is the most common German shepherd dog because the bulk of German shepherds have medium-length or fairly short hair as standard. 

The coat length is the only difference that exists between these German shepherds as they share nearly all other qualities and traits. Sometimes short-haired German shepherd and German shepherd are used interchangeably though the short coat is the kind of coat that’s commonly seen in German shepherds.

The short-haired coat of German shepherds is caused by a dominant gene in the pooches. The gene that causes the long-haired coat is recessive however and it causes the wavy and wooly texture of their hair whose hang or flow might appear unnatural at a glance.

Short haired German shepherds are desired because of their appealing undercoat. The short haired German shepherd are more frequently used and appear more in canine shows for this reason. This is also part of the appeal that it’s created in the hearts of dog lovers recently that makes many want to own one.

Short-Haired German Shepherd Personality and Traits

short haired german shepherd

German shepherds, regardless of how long or short their coats appear, are highly intelligent canines that are used in many environments and for many purposes. They are loyal pets that are also quite versatile.

Short-haired shepherds are dogs that are very loyal to their owners and family. They can be used to do different jobs and they do them all willingly and without fuss. 

They do tend to get anxious and potentially destructive when they’re left unattended to for long stretches of time. These are working dogs that thrive in an environment where they enjoy lots of physical activities and exercise to keep their heads occupied. 

The short haired German shepherd gets anxious around strangers, a condition that’s made much worse by lack of sufficient interaction with the owner and his family. Their watchdog instinct is what makes this worse. These dogs do form a deep bond wih people its familiar with though.

The short-haired German shepherd needs walks, play sessions with their owners and they particularly enjoy being out in the woods or environments where they can absorb and enjoy nature’s gifts.  These dogs love to be free and hate to be restrained or left alone for long stretches.

This is a big part of the German shepherd’s legacy as their ancestors lived and worked in woods and forests where they were used to herd large flocks of animals.

This breed of dogs has a double coat; a short-haired outer coat and a woolly undercoat that’s also waterproof. The undercoat of this German shepherd helps it to fight cold weather, while the outer coat repels unwanted things like dirt and bugs.

The presence of a double coat makes it easy for the short-haired German shepherd to survive and thrive in colder climates and makes it a perfect companion for people that live in colder climates.

Colors of Short-haired German Shepherds

short haired german shepherd

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The short-haired German shepherd comes in different colors like sable, black, white and tan. Some of these dogs can also have bicolor, though black and tan is the most common breed color.

 Bicolor short-haired German shepherds have a condition that alters the variation of their black and tan color, causing nearly the entire body of the dog to be black, and leaving only some areas that are tan or brown colored.

Just like the general German shepherd, the short-haired German shepherd can be colored like the commonly occurring colors in German shepherds.

Hair shedding of the Short-haired German Shepherd

The German shepherd is the dog breed that sheds the most hair of all the dog breeds in the world. They shed a lot of hair, and they shed it all year round. The difference that exists in the amount of hair shed by the different types of German shepherds is not a huge one. 

The short haired German shepherd sheds more hair due to the presence of its double coat. They also tend to shed more in warmer weather conditions, where the cold fighting ability of their double coat is not of any use.

The owner of a short-haired German shepherd has to groom and brush the hair of this breed regularly to curb this as regular brushing makes the process of cleaning up after these dogs much easier. Brushing outdoors makes the cleaning process much easier as their hairs don’t get trapped on furniture and carpets when brushed outside.

The reason German shepherds shed so much is that they were bred to herd animals in the fields all year round regardless of how cold or warm it got. German shepherds shed more in warmer weather for this reason; to handle their jobs a lot better. 

Health and Life Expectancy

short haired german shepherd

Credit: Vanessa Carvell, Pinterest

German shepherds have a life expectancy of 7 to 13 years though how long they actually live depends on a host of factors like their exercise regimen, environment, health, feeding and more. 

Short haired German shepherds can be affected by some diseases and health issues like hip dysplasia, allergies, degenerative myelopathy, bloat, hemophilia, mega esophagus and different kinds of epilepsy.

How to increase a short-haired German shepherd’s life expectancy and keep them in optimal health is by ensuring their weight remains in check, giving them proper nutrition, and by taking your dog to the vet regularly for checkups.

Short-haired German Shepherds are differentiated from their long-haired siblings by their double coat that keeps them warm during the colder seasons, and also makes them shed more during warm weather. There’s no scientific evidence to back the claim that short-haired German shepherds and long-haired German shepherds have behavioral differences.

This breed is an energetic, intelligent and loyal breed that needs lots of physical activities and socialization to keep them happy.

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