Do you love small, attractive puppies? Many of us are familiar with the Teacup Poodle due to its appearance and pretty face. 

Teacup is an attractive but the smallest dog breed. It is a tiny puppy that is loyal and loving to its owner.

Teacup is an effective pet for socialization and can fit into any environment. However, if you want to adopt a puppy but think that your apartment is small, you can’t adopt a loyal puppy. So teacup poodle is a small dog that can adjust to any place no matter how small your house. Moreover, they will become a great companion to you, similar to their standard-sized parent dogs. So you can freely adopt them as a family pet. 

However, it is essential for you to know more about Teacup Poodle and then adobe this adorable little doggie. So here we will share all about teacup poodles regarding their characteristics and health issues. 

So let’s dig into them.  

History, origin, and purpose of Teacup Poodle 

Teacup Poodle

Credit: Mini poodles, Pinterest

Teacup poodle is not a regular purebred dog. Every dog breed has the registry of Kennel club that is also known as the American Kennel Club. But the teacup poodle is not registered with the Kennel Club. 

This breed of dog is selective among many other toy poodle breeds of dogs. If we talk about the difference between the toy poodle and teacup poodle is their small size that looks appealing and provides it a different look. 

Now let’s talk about the origin of this cute breed.

The poodle dog is one of the most famous dogs in the world. We can say that this is one of the oldest purebred dogs’ favorites due to its characteristics. These beautiful dogs originated in Germany and crossbreed initially to have a hunting dog. So it is a crossbreed with the working and gun dog to get the talented offspring. The parent poodle has a waterproof coat, and it is one of their famous talents. So now, this dog is known as the lapdog instead of a working dog. 

The resulting breed is smaller, and people can enjoy them as their puppy’s best friend. Teacup has many variations that come from toy poodles due to their short height and lightweight. So it is clear that the teacup poodle originates from Germany. 

The appearance of Teacup Poodle 

Teacup Poodle

Credit: leah-kelley, Pexels

The appearance of the Teacup poodle makes this dog appealing and attractive, precisely its size. Teacup poodles have little weight, like around 2 pounds, and when they grow to a few years, they will have a five pounds weight. Therefore, the height of a teacup poodle is under 9 inches too short than all other dog breeds. 

Teacup poodle is a small dog. You will not find any other official breed with nine inches in height and weight less than 5 pounds. But keep in mind that the parent Toy poodle dog has 10 inches in height. 

Appearance characteristics of teacup poodles make them attractive, elegant, and beloved pets. They always stand poised because they have small dark-colored eyes and long muzzle floppy furry ears. 

Now let’s discuss the appearance characteristics individually for better understanding. 


Teacup poodle has a thick curly coat that dont has shone. If you like the furry coat of dog pets, this cute breed is not suitable for you. The teacup poodle doesn’t have fur, so they don’t shed it. So it is a perfect choice for hypoallergenic personals. 


Teacup poodles have solid colors. But the toy poodle has a variety of colors ranging from silver, black, blue, red, gray, beige, brown, white, apricot, and many more. You may know that a mixed-breed dog’s coat color depends on their parent coats, but it is a fact that all of them have solid colors. Similarly, teacup poodle mix dogs have different colors in their fur. These colors help determine the original purebred and mix dog breeds. 


If we talk about the temperament of a mixed breed teacup poodle, keep in mind that it is similar to the parent poodle. They have lovely nature and represent as the great companion of their owner family including youngsters and elders. 

They are tiny in size but perfectly adapt to your family’s environment no matter what the size of your house is. They can survive in any large or small territory that is rare among crossbreed dogs. 

Moreover, they don’t need particular exercises. But they feel lonely after some time if left alone, so they need somebody around them to behave normally. 

You may notice their destructive behavior only if you left them alone for a long time. So it is clear that they are highly social and want something active. 


Teacup poodles have an extended lifespan than other mix breed dogs. It is expected that they can live around 12 to 14 years. This lifespan is more than many different mix-breed dogs. 

Health issues related to Teacup Poodle

Teacup Poodle

Credit: pnw-prod, Pexels

Teacup poodles are an excellent pet to adopt with your family. But like many other breeds, they also suffer from some health issues. They may inherit these health-related diseases from their parent due to genetic inheritance, but they have some common health issues, including:

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) 

Progressive retinal atrophy is an eye disorder that lea to blindness. Teacup poodle lost their photoreceptors that are present at the back of the eye. So it is a severe issue that requires instant attention by its owner. 


Dysplasia is common in almost every dog. It refers to the infected body joints. 

However, these small dog breeds are also prone to other health issues like low blood pressure, heart defects, and patella luxation. These three are common health-related diseases in teacup poodles. 

You need to identify the early sign of every issue and align their regular checkups for their health protection. 

We hope this article will help you clarify every thought related to the teacup poodle mix breed and help you make a clear decision regarding whether you own them or not as a family pet. 

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