It is difficult to name another pet that would show the same affection and loyalty to a person as a dog. Living in the same house with us demonstrates incredible intelligence, ability, and friendliness; they can be companions and helpers, know how to babysit children, and protect the territory from uninvited guests. Here you will find most aggressive dogs in the world.

All these qualities are genetically inherent in dogs, but, nevertheless, there are many breeds whose representatives, without proper training, cannot overcome animal instincts. Not having mastered the correct behavioral attitudes in childhood, they become the complete opposite of educated relatives: they perceive those around them, including their masters, as enemies or rivals.

8. Pitbull

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Pitbull has long been used as a fighting dog, so puppies of this breed are usually not considered pets. Indeed, it is strongly discouraged for novice dog breeders to take a pit bull into the house. Dogs need competent professional training, otherwise their behavior will be difficult to control.
The difficulty of upbringing is that pit bulls are naturally very vulnerable, therefore, rough treatment, being kept on a chain, and a disrespectful attitude provoke an internal protest in them. They will not fail to express it as soon as the opportunity presents itself. The rage of an adult pit bull is terrible, while the pet can accumulate resentment for years and attack when no one expects it.

7. Rottweiler

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Rottweiler is an intelligent and loyal dog. Representaties of the breed are responsible for the performance of those functions that are assigned to them, whether it be to protect the territory or help the blind. They received the reputation of a cruel and uncontrollable animal to a greater extent due to the irresponsibility of the owners, who could not or did not want to spend time and money on high-quality training of the pet. Like other aggressive dogs, Rottweilers become aggressive in response to abuse and poor conditions. In a rage, the pet stops responding to the owner’s commands, so it cannot be pulled away from the imaginary offender by any means.

6. German Shepherd

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The German shepherd is one of the most aggressive dogs breeds. Fearless animals are used in the police service, border troops, search and security organizations, live in large families, becoming everyone’s favorites.
Among the aggressive breeds of dogs, the German shepherd was mostly due to careless owners who could not find the right approach to raising a “German.” It is surprising that some dog breeders cannot teach a pet with high intelligence and unique training abilities in basic human communication skills. As a result, a friendly and naturally non-aggressive animal turns into an evil beast, which perceives any moving object as a potential victim.

5. American Bulldog

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The American Bulldog, due to its appearance, does not cause any illusions about its character. According to the majority, these are not the most beautiful dogs in the world, but gladiators could envy their masculinity.
Animals of this breed have fantastic stamina and an excellent sense of smell, so they have no equal bodyguard. Ambul was ranked among aggressive dog breeds because of the aggression that he is capable of showing towards an unfriendly object. Even as puppies, American Bulldogs must clearly understand the owner’s leadership and unquestioning obedience. It is also important that a person who has taken a pet of this breed for education does not develop aggression in him. A bulldog attack, initiated by the owner or occurring spontaneously, can result in serious injuries for a person, up to and including death.

4. Huskies

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Huskies are listed as aggressive dog breeds due to several incidents of pet attacks on humans. Those who know the full description of the breed know that these pests are not at all prone to aggression. On the contrary, they are friendly and sociable, so they get along well in large families. Deliberate cruelty and demonstrative authoritarianism of the owner, as well as gaps in socialization, can provoke an attack of aggression.

3. Doberman

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Doberman is a breed of dog bred in Germany. It is considered one of the aggressive dogs, since its representatives have an energetic temperament, physical strength, and endurance. Smart and active animals need early socialization and constant physical activity. Only in this way can you extinguish the natural energy of the Doberman, teach him friendliness and conflict-free interaction with family members.
Dogs of this breed are naturally intelligent and amenable to training, so their excessive aggressiveness is most often the result of an educational attitude imposed by the owner. Trying to make a fearless defender of the territory or a bodyguard out of their pet, dog breeders deliberately develop this quality in him. The problem is that when the owner loses control of the dog, it instantly turns into a predator that sees weakness in any person.

2. Alaskan Malamute

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The Alaskan Malamute is an outwardly cute dog that belongs to the danger because of the unique combination of physical strength, energetic temperament, and character of a leader. Malamutes are born hunters, but they also have great stamina and strength. They will obey their master only on one condition: if they feel the dominance of a person. The difficulty of keeping a pet is that the owner will have to demonstrate his authority constantly. Feeling “weak,” the Alaskan Malamute becomes uncontrollable and aggressive. It takes a lot of time and patience to socialize an animal.

1. Dogo Argentino

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Dogo Argentino is a popular dog breed both at home and outside Argentina. One glance is enough to understand: it is better to stay away from this strong snow-white dog. Breeding is prohibited in some European countries and Australia. They believe that animals pose a threat to human life. Indeed, these are aggressive dogs – due to their complexion and character traits. They are very attached to the owner and family members, therefore, sensing a threat, they fearlessly rush at any enemy.
The energetic temperament of these pets requires that the owner is always on alert and does not lose control of the situation for a moment. Without constant physical exertion and upbringing, mastiffs take on the functions of a leader, and then living with them in the same territory becomes aggressive.

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