Are you looking for a dog who is loyal, good-looking, sophisticated, and unique, then you’re in the right place? It will help if you are looking for a blue bay shepherd since this breed is not aware of it.

It’s a mix of wolfdogs and German shepherds and has mixed qualities and appearance. Let’s have a detailed look at this breed.

What Are Blue Bay Shepherds?

They are large-sized dogs with a long blue coat, high energy levels, and lupine looks. They are ideal family dogs with gentle and affectionate characters.

How were they named?

They were named after their beautiful blue coat color and their kennel, Bay, Florida.


This breed is a project of Vicki Spencer. She liked wolf-like dogs since she was a kid. Vicki aimed to produce a dog that looked like a wolf and had the loyalty of a shepherd. So, she invested 20 years of effort and involved dogs of various breeds, and the result was this amazing Blue Bay Shepherd. Almost 8 breeds were involved in the overall procedure.

She wanted the deep blue coloration, activeness, good temperament, and strong looks, and she wanted to eliminate sleepiness and hip dysplasia. She succeeded in it.

Breed Facts

  • Size
    • up to 30 inches
  • Weight        
    • Females    70-100 lbs.
    • Males        85-130 lbs.

The appearance of Blue Bay

Blue Bay Shepherd

Credit: Ashleigh Quackenbush, Pinterest

  • They have a long deep blue coat that they have inherited from both parents.
  • Usually, blue bay shepherds have green, blue or brown eyes.
  • They have a head similar to a German shepherd.
  • Blue Bays have upright triangular ears.
  • They are muscular.
  • They have a straight back.
  • They are mostly lean and fit.

Are They Blue?

Blue bay shepherds are not exactly blue; rather, they occur in slate grey or silvery grey.

Do They Come in Other Colors too?

Yes, due to the involvement of various breeds, they may have other colors too.

  • White
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Black and tan
  • Blue and tan

Do Blue Bays have Wolf in them?

Blue Bay Shepherd

Credit: Trending Breeds, Pinterest

Ideally, these dogs have about 6%- 42% of wolf DNA. It can vary from litter to litter.


The breed’s creator-focused on a stable and gentle temperament. 

Blue bay shepherds are very affectionate, gentle, hardworking, and trainable. They are clever and hardworking and usually learn things quickly. Maybe they’re lazy sometimes, but other than that, they are energetic. They are kind towards humans and other pets too. They are family dogs. Although they have intense looks, they are sensitive and emotional and quickly attach themselves to the family. 

They have a sense of friends and suspicious people around them. They are great companions and talkative too. Blue Bay Shepherds become sad when left alone and aggressive when they don’t do proper exercise.

Are They Good Pets?

So far, these dogs have been observed to have friendly and affectionate habits. Blue bay shepherds are devoted to their master. They’ll be your companions in all kinds of situations and will protect you no matter what. That’s why most owners find it difficult to let go of these ideal pets. Since they are not aggressive, they prove to be a really good choice as a canine companion.

The Main Purpose of Blue Bay Shepherds 

This breed is meant to be a friendly companion that lives happily and peacefully with the family. But due to their quick learning abilities and good strength, they can also perform several works.

Are Blue Bays Rare?

A little number of puppies are produced every year; hence they are rare. Most people these days do marketing of other breeds as blue bay shepherds, so you need to be careful while buying them. Original blue bays come from America.

Price of Blue Bay Shepherds 

Since they are not that common and are so amazing and one of a kind, they are expensive. But their price is worth them. Price range from $3000- $3200.

General Health Concerns

Credit: Steemit, Pinterest

Blue bays are healthy and active. They are not prone to congenital diseases, Spencer during their breeding, focused on producing good health conditions. 

Some diseases that are seen commonly in this breed are listed below:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Joint issues
  • Bloating
  • Inbreeding depression

Feeding Guide

They appear wild, rigid, and rugged, but still, they need similar pampering as other pets. They usually have sensitive tummies, so take special care of them.

Blue Bay Shepherds that are around 100lbs need 5 cups of food in a day.

Exercise Guide

Blue bays should be engaged in different exercises and outdoor activities for 1-2 hours a day to avoid unwanted behavioral issues. When a lot of energy is pent up, and they’ve not done exercise, they might get destructive and angry.


When trained well when they are little, they grow up to become the perfect adorable pets. They should be given proper training classes on socializing and behavior towards humans and other animals.

They are energy stores. They can run or hike for miles and would still be left with energy. Due to this high energy, this breed’s foremost requirement is good exercise and dog sports, so the energy is used in the right places.

Care and grooming of blue bay shepherds 

Since they are a part of a new breed, a lot about them is unknown. These dogs should go through proper grooming sessions just like other breeds.

Their long coat, ears, and eyes need proper cleaning, and they should be taken to the veterinarian regularly.

Pros of having a blue bay shepherd 

  • They are great companions.
  • They are good-looking.
  • They are good, affectionate, and sweet.
  • They are easy to train.

Cons of having a blue bay

  • They are expensive.
  • They need a lot of exercises.
  • They get bored easily.
  • They eat a lot.


Blue Bay Shepherds is a new breed that is not so common yet. They are healthier than many other dogs and are a good choice too. Go for them if you can afford them and if you are a trained dog master.

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